Send a Feedback Form to a Student

To streamline the process of collecting information from students, we offer the option to send the Feedback Form via a link. This article will guide you through the steps to send the form using a link and how to obtain the link from the system.


The student will need to access the Feedback Form via a link in the email. 

From the Administration dropdown menu, select "Forms" and then choose "Feedback Forms".

Locate and click on the specific form that you wish to send.

The system will display the URL to access the form. Please note that the URL contains a placeholder "{Party Identifier}", which needs to be replaced with the actual Party Identifier of the student.

One way to replace the placeholder is to manually copy the Party Identifier and paste it into the URL, replacing the "{Party Identifier}" text.

  • For example: https://<your-site-here>/survey/12345?party_identifier=PADOC00001

This will ensure that the data entered into the form is assigned to the correct party profile. 

Alternatively, you can create a letter template that automatically includes the Feedback Form URL with the correct Party Identifier by using a merge field. This will make the process more convenient for future use.

To create the letter template, navigate to the Communications section, select "Templates," and then click on "Party".

Refer to this article on how to create a letter template. Ensure that you include the link to your Feedback Form with the Party Identifier merge field in the email template.

  • For example: https://<your-site-here>/survey/12345?party_identifier={party[party_identifier]}

This will ensure that the link is automatically prefilled with the correct Party Identifier when sending the email.

Sending The Form Via Email

Access the system and navigate to the party profile for the student you would like to send the form to.

On the left side menu, click on Email, then click on "Compose". 

Compose an email that will be sent to the student. Include the link to the form in the email (with the Party Identifier attached).

Alternatively, use the email template created in the prior step by selecting it from the Template dropdown menu.

Once the email has been sent the student, the link will be automatically filled with the correct Party Identifier.

The student just has to click on the link and they'll be taken to the Feedback Form.

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