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Exporting Payment information may be required for those that make use of a External Finance System. This article will go through the process of exporting payment information for external use.

  Required: Finance Preferences Overview

This process requires that you have your Finance Preferences configured


Accessing The Payment Extract Tool

Under the Administration heading, select Finance followed by Payment Extract:

This will display the main Payment Extract window:

Note: Extracting records as part of this process will apply an Exported flag to the extracted records, which will restrict your data by design. This is intended to maintain parity between data within your Finance System and your SMS once the export has taken place. While this can be reversed via an Undo Extract process, it is worthwhile to aware of this prior to exporting financial information.

To action the extract of information, look over the following options and enter the criteria you require:

  • Accounting System: The first drop down menu contains a range of preformatted export formats that match specific Financial/Accounting systems, such as MYOB, Quickbooks and more. Review the requirements of your particular finance system and make the appropriate selection.
  • End Date: This reflects a particular cutoff date for payment details to be captured – enter a date that reflects the period you require.
  • Party Type: Filtering option to only include payments where the invoicee is of the selected party type.
Note: A Partner filter option can be applied if the feature has been turned on within your system.

Once all of your information has been entered, Press Extract.

Your Payment Extract

The next screen that appears will display the export process – initially showing an orange header that indicates that the extract is Running.

This will eventually refresh, displaying a green header to indicate that the batch extract has Completed Successfully:

The page will show a detailed log of the extract process, and a short summary of the logic involved with the data extract. If an issue caused the export process to fail, information will be offered to assist with what may have occurred.

To retrieve your extract file, click on the Filename link as it appears in the header section:

This will prompt a download of the item, ready for import into your finance system of choice.

Warning: If you intend to review the information within a platform like Microsoft Excel, be aware that the act of opening certain spreadsheets can prompt an automatic formatting process within the software. Be careful when reviewing the information and ensure that Excel has not impacted your data prior to import.

Batch Log Entry Record

This export can be retrieved at any time within the Batch Log, accessed by navigating to Administration → Audit/Logs → Batch Log.

You can make use of the Filter option to limit the list of batch log entries to show just those associated with Payment Extracts.

To do this:

  1. Click on the button labelled Filters
  2. Select the option labelled Type
  3. In the new input field that appears, Type/select the option Payment Extract

This will narrow down the results and make identifying your record easier:

Take note of details such as the Batch ID and Dates as recognisable identifiers of your extract.

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