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Extracting financial records will apply an Exported flag to the extracted items, which will restrict your data by design. This is intended to maintain parity between data within your Finance System and your SMS once the export has taken place. This flag can be reversed via the Undo Payment Extract procedure. This article will explain the process in identifying your Batch ID and using it to perform the rollback.

  Required: Finance Preferences Overview

This process requires that you have your Finance Preferences configured


Looking Up The Payment Extract Batch Log Identifier

In order to undo your Payment Extract, you will need to look up the Ledger Batch ID of the extract. This was generated at the time of the process, and is recorded within your Batch Log.

Under the Administration heading, select Audit/Logs followed by Batch Log:

This will display the main Batch Log window:

As a default, the Batch log will display an unfiltered list of exported items.

You can make use of the Filter option to limit the list of batch log entries to show just those associated with Payment Extracts.

To do this:

  1. Click on the button labelled Filters
  2. Select the option labelled Type
  3. In the new input field that appears, Type/select the option Payment Extract

The option should appear like so:

Click the button labelled Search,

With this selected, the Batch Log will now only return items that are designated as Payment Extracts:

Search through this list of records to find the Payment Extract batch log entry that is relevant.

When you identify the specific record, make a note of the value in the column labelled ID – this is the number used to identify a particular Payment Extract batch log entry:

This ID will be entered as the Ledger Batch ID when performing the Undo Payment Extract procedure.

Accessing The Undo Payment Extract Tool

Under the Administration heading, select Audit/Logs followed by Batch Processes:

This will display the main Batch Processes window.

In this area, a range of different Batch Process options are listed in alphabetical order.

Locate the item titled Undo Payment Extract, and click the item name:

This will display the main Undo Payment Extract window:

Enter the Ledger Batch ID retrieved in the initial step above into the box provided, and press the Undo button to proceed.

Warning: If you intend to undo multiple Payment Extracts, each will need to be processed via their unique Ledger Batch ID. This will require you to enter each item in sequence and repeat the process until completed. Only a single Ledger Batch ID can be processed at a time.

Undoing The Payment Extract

Once you have entered the Ledger Batch ID and pressed the undo button, the screen will change to a progress area – initially showing an orange header that indicates that the undo process is Running.

This will eventually refresh, displaying a green header to indicate that the batch process has Completed Successfully:

The page will show details of the undo process, listing dates and information to the user that actioned it. If an issue caused the undo process to fail, information will be offered to assist with what may have occurred.

Batch Log Entry Record

A record of this undo process will also exist within the Batch Log, accessed by navigating to Administration → Audit/Logs → Batch Log:

Make sure to use the search Filter option demonstrated above to limit the list of batch log entries to show just those associated with Undo Payment Extracts.

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