Reviewing Submitted Feedback Form Responses

This article provides instructions on managing feedback form submissions from students. It explains where to find the submissions and how to perform various actions such as editing fields, archiving forms, assigning users, and applying bulk actions.


Locating Feedback Form Submissions

From the Communications menu, select "Feedback" and then choose "Forms."

This section will display all the feedback form submissions from students.

Editing Form Fields

When reviewing feedback form submissions, you have the ability to edit certain fields in the submitted forms.

This allows you to make changes or update details about the form as needed.

Archiving Forms: You can archive a form to declutter the main view and improve organization.

Archiving a form hides it from the main view, and it can only be accessed by enabling the "Show Archived" filter.

To archive a form, check the Archive checkbox.

Assigning Users: You can assign a specific user to a feedback form.

This assignment ensures that the form is handled by the designated person responsible for processing.

When reviewing a form submission, you can assign a user to it by selecting the Assignee from the dropdown menu.

Form Status: The status of a form helps to track its internal progress.

It allows you to monitor the stage at which the form currently resides.

You can update the status of a form submission by selecting the appropriate option from the Status dropdown menu.

Linking Events and Interview Rating: You have the option to create an event linked to the feedback form, such as an interview with a student. This association allows for better context and reference. 

You can create the event by clicking on the Create Event link, this will bring up the event creation modal and allow you to fill in the details for the event.

Additionally, you can select an interview Rating based on the outcome of the event. These can be configured in the Reference Data under Administration → Lookups → Interview Rating.


The answers submitted directly by students themselves cannot be edited in any way. This is to preserve the integrity and accuracy of the information provided by the students.

Applying Bulk Actions

Bulk Actions enable you to perform actions on multiple form submissions simultaneously. You can do this by clicking on the Bulk Actions button and selecting the checkbox next to each Feedback Form you would like to make changes on. 

The following bulk actions are available for feedback form submissions:

  • Status Change: Modify the status of multiple form submissions at once. 
  • Archive the Form: Archive multiple form submissions at once to improve organization.
  • Email the Student: Send emails to multiple students regarding their form submissions.
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