Release 2023.07

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Key Changes

  • Fees and Finance improvements 
  • Enrolment Events usability updates 
  • Compliance updates: WA RAPT Claims Export and NSW ACE Disadvantage Criteria

Planned Release Dates

  • Phase I: Tuesday, 25 July 2023
  • Phase II: Tuesday, 1 August 2023



Fees and Finance improvements

Automatic Smart Fees

We have made a visual change to the order of calculation for Automatic Smart Fees. The underlying logic hasn’t been changed, we have just moved the nominal hour multiplier visually to the end to better reflect when the rounding to 2 decimal places is occurring.

Finance Hub Invoices

The Quick filters on the Finance Hub > Invoices page have been improved to help you manage your aged debtors in groupings of '1-30 days overdue', '31-60 days overdue' and '60+ days overdue'. Or, any combination of those 3 groupings.

Party – Outstanding Payment Balance

The left-hand side menu on the Party page will no longer show a negative sign for the outstanding payment balance. The combination of colour and wording will indicate whether the balance is owing from the party, or balance should be credited/refunded to the party.

1. 'Outstanding' and red means the party owes money

2. 'Credit' and green means the party is owed money (refund) 

3. 'Balance' and blue means all payments have been made (or party has no invoices) 

Enrolment Events usability updates

We’ve made a few changes to the Enrolment Events page, introducing a series of improvements to help assess the Attendance Data of an Enrolment Record:

  • Event Search
    • We’ve added a new Search section within, that will allow you to search for events against an enrolment
  • Event Link Filter
    • This filter will allow you to filter Event Attendance results by the Event Link associated to the Event record.
      • Note: Only one Event Link can be selected at a time
  • Event Summary Details
    • We’ve also adjusted the Event Summary Details section to update when searching for Events. This will display a summary based on the filtered results applied.
  • Event Attendance List Pagination
    • The List now includes pagination and sorting controls

New API Endpoint – Enrolled Units

We have created a new API endpoint that will return all linked Subjects (Units of Study) for a particular Enrolled Unit. An array of Enrolled Subjects will be returned with their associated ID and code.

Course Types included in enrolment list screens

We have included Course Type as a column selection on the party enrolments screen.

We have included Course Type as a filter option and a selectable column for displaying on the enrolment screen.

Compliance updates: WA RAPT Claims Export and NSW ACE Disadvantage Criteria

WA RAPT Claims Export

The WA RAPT claims export has been updated for version 1.2 of the TAMS specification. A new 'Residency Status' will be reported in the Student extract file. This field is reported using the new 'WA TAMS Residency Status' of:

  • The 'Visa Subtype' or 'Visa Type' of the most recent current 'Visa' entered on the party’s 'International' page, or
  • The 'Citizenship Status' entered on the party’s 'AVETMISS' page

Visa Subtype

Visa Type

Citizenship Status

NSW ACE Disadvantage Criteria

We have implemented the new 'second level disadvantage criteria' in NSW ACE AVETMISS claiming. This is a new three letter code to be reported in the 'purchasing contract schedule identifier' field in the NAT120 file, for funding source 'CSD' (ACE disadvantaged students) only. There is also a corresponding Compliance preference page to update these values. These changes come into effect from 1st July 2023.

User Permissions updates

We’ve introduced a series of permissions that allows you to manage access to the following functions within the Program > Automations page:

  • Program Automation
    • Add Program Automation
    • List Program Automations
    • Edit Program Automations
    • Delete Program Automations

Disable Course Enrolment Hold

We’ve extended our 'Disable Course Enrolment Hold' behaviour to course applications, so that when a student has an active hold, users cannot enrol the student from the course application.

New Trainer Role – Access all parties

We have added a new System Role for trainers '- access_to_all_parties' that can be enabled in the Administration > Security area. This will enable anyone with that role to access any party record (excluding Agents and Host Families).

Address related changes

Address Format

We have updated Party and Host screens to better support different address types. Users are now able to choose which type of address format to save, ‘Basic’ or ‘Detailed’.

The ‘Basic’ address format is the standard used in postage, whereby the unit number, street number and street name are stored and presented as a single field. This is ideal for those providers that want to integrate with third-party CRMs via API.

The ‘Detailed’ address format records each of the elements that form an address as individual fields. This is the required address format for AVETMISS reporting.

Address Format Preferences

System administrators can configure which address formats are used for new addresses in the system under Administration > Configuration > Preferences > Preferences/Settings.

The following options are available:  

  • 'Both – Detailed default'. Both address formats will be available for selection with the Detailed format being selected by default.
  • 'Both – Basic default'. Both address formats will be available for selection with the Basic format being selected by default.
  • 'Detailed only'. The Basic format will not be available for selection.
  • 'Basic only'. The Detailed format will not be available for selection.

Templates Rules – Certificates generated through Automate on a Program

We have improved the Automate process for generating Certificates on completion of a course. In addition to requiring all units to be complete with an end date, this process will now refer to template rules of the template assigned to the program before generating the certificate. This means that other rules like no USI can also be checked before a certificate will be generated. 

For customers who have had this enabled on Programs in the past, please be aware there could be changed behaviour. If you previously had a Program where the Automate program setting had been enabled, with a template specified and the Trigger condition was not set, as displayed here:

This condition meant that this program would not automatically record a certificate on completion. With these changes, the Trigger condition is contained within the code and the option has been removed, meaning that as long as the Enrolment has all completed units with an end date, the Certificate will be generated. It is possible that some organisations were using this Trigger field to prevent Certificates being auto-generated from the Program setting. 

Please note also, the Completion and Publish to Portal flags have been removed too, these will now be determined by the corresponding settings on the linked Template.

Learning Management System (LMS) integration updates

Ready LMS instructor setting

We have added the ability to configure the Ready LMS integration to allow manual management of your instructor groups. By turning on the 'Manually manage instructor groups' setting, the integration will stop managing instructor groups, allowing you to choose which instructor groups to use on your Ready LMS courses. New learners will be automatically linked to all Instructors in your assigned instructor groups.

Moodle2021 integration enrolment setting

A Moodle2021 System Setting to restrict transferring enrolments for students with an active enrolment status has been added.

Ready LMS integration enrolment setting

A Ready LMS System Setting to restrict transferring enrolments for learners with an active enrolment status has been added.


28382 /webservice/enrolment_units

We have updated the 'webservice/enrolment_units endpoint' so that blank values can now be passed in to permit the resetting of scores.

27673 /webservice/courses/{course_number}/course_copy

We have updated the behaviour of the Course Copy API call '/webservice/courses/{course_number}/course_copy' to match the behaviour of the application Course Copy feature by including extra items not previously considered like custom fields.


27582 We have fixed an issue where the 'Fees' menu item for an enrolment was being incorrectly hidden when it had a Smart Fees payment option. This logic has been corrected and the 'Fees' menu will now only be hidden for enrolments into courses that have Automatic Smart Fees turned on.

24933 – We have fixed an issue within the MAC > Units page when overriding an outcome manually after a Bulk Update has been applied. Outcomes reflected in the Grade step will now accurately be reflected in the Confirm step.

28071 We have resolved an issue when sending emails that are not based on a template, where if a subject or body were not supplied, the system would require the process to be restarted.

28251 We have resolved an issue where users with expired passwords and using MFA could not reset their password.

28312 We have resolved an issue in the Progress Centre where users with minimal access rights, were potentially able to list all and record outcomes against any unit within the system.

28727 – Certificates created via Automate will now always show a 'created by' user of 'System User'.

28797 We have resolved an issue where the Certificate Recorded date would not be re-produced on the final Certificate output.

28807 We've fixed a bug that prevented saving disability information after updating the Citizenship Effective From Date captured within the Party > AVETMISS page.

28168 – Student Portal - We have resolved an issue where students were unable to edit AVETMISS information in the Student Portal even if Allow updating AVETMISS information flag was enabled.

28422 – Agent portal - We have resolved an issue in the Agent Portal that resulted in an error being shown upon saving a Referral where Party Image was added and First Name was left unfilled.

28831 – Agent portal - We have resolved an issue on the dashboard displaying student and commission insights displaying too many decimals.

23266 – We have resolved an issue that saw Excluded Attendees still being included with new Bulk SMS messages.

28809 We have resolved an issue where invalid Funding Source warnings were appearing for a unit which has had No Contract specifically set.

28867 We have resolved an issue that caused a 500 error when trying to sort the Course Applications page by Status.

29005 We have resolved an issue where NSW State specific fields were not being displayed on enrolment wizards and enrolment edit wizards in conditions where course state was set for a different state than the Primary state on the contract, This applies only for user using out of state contract reporting only.

29128 – We have resolved an issue that prevented Trainers with 'access_to_all_students' or 'access_to_all_staff' from running reports that required those permissions in order to generate the report.

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