Using QR Codes

QR Codes are a powerful tool that can be used to quickly access specific parts of our system, making your experience more efficient and user-friendly. In this help article, we'll guide you through the steps of using QR codes to validate certificates and navigate through various pages within your system.



The QR Codes feature can only be activated by our staff. If you require this feature for your site, simply reach out to ReadyTech Support or your Customer Success Manager.

Using QR Codes on Certificate Templates

One of the major uses of QR codes is to enable their usage on certificate templates.

Ensure that both QR Codes and CertCheck features are enabled for the QR code to show on a certificate template. For more information on the CertCheck feature, refer to this article

A certificate template can contain a QR code that, when scanned, takes the user directly to the CertCheck page for that specific certificate.

On the CertCheck page, all the necessary details to validate the certificate will be pre-filled. This makes it easy for any third party to quickly validate the authenticity of the certificate and the units associated with the qualification.


Adding QR codes to certificate templates is a task exclusive to our support team. Users themselves do not have the capability to do this. Please contact ReadyTech Support if you'd like QR codes to be added to your certificate templates.

QR Codes on Party Profile Pages

Another exciting feature enabled by QR codes is their integration into party profile pages.

To access the QR code for a party profile, simply click on the settings button located on the profile page, then click on "QR Code".

A QR code will be displayed, scanning it will take you directly to the current party profile. Share this QR code with others to help them access the profile with ease.

QR Codes for Course Applications

QR codes can also be used for course applications, streamlining the process of accessing a course form and submitting an application.

First, navigate to any course with a course form linked and go to Admin → Application Forms.

On any of the application forms, click on the QR code icon.

A QR code will be generated, allowing the student to access the course form quickly and conveniently.


The functionality of QR codes for course applications is not restricted behind the QR Codes feature flag, meaning you can use this feature without any additional setup.

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