Change Your User Preferences

In the User Preferences page, you can tailor the experience of using the system to your own personal taste. In this article, we'll walk you through the ins and outs of the User Preferences pages.


Accessing User Preferences

To get started, navigate to your user profile located in the top-right corner of the page. Click on Preferences and you'll be taken to the User Preferences page. 

Here, you'll find a variety of options that allow you to fine-tune the user interface to your liking.

Tabs and Options

On the User Preferences page, you'll notice three or four distinct tabs, each catering to a specific aspect of your experience.

Updating your preferences is straightforward. Simply click on the Edit button and navigate to the tab with the preferences you want to modify. 


Any roles assigned to your user account will always be displayed at the bottom of the page, no matter which tab you have selected.

The My Account tab allows you to manage your account's security and accessibility. Change your password by entering your Current password, then entering the New password you'd like to use.

View Tab

The View tab is your window to customizing how you interact with the system, you can adjust various display settings.

  • Search Results Per Page: Set the number of results displayed on paginated lists, ensuring you see just the right amount of information. We recommend setting this to a value between 10 - 100.
  • Course Applications View: Choose between a list or a Kanban view for course applications, making it easier to manage your workflow.
  • Service Applications View: Similar to course applications, toggle between list and Kanban views for service applications.
  • Prospects View: Tailor your view of prospects as either a list or in Kanban style.

Notifications Tab

Stay in the loop with the Notifications tab, where you can configure what notifications you receive.

  • Enable Notifications: Decide whether you want to receive notifications. When disabled, the notification bell near the search bar will be hidden.
  • Batch Logs: Keep track of Batch Log notifications for batch jobs you've created.
  • Course Applications: Stay informed when a student applies for a course via a course form.
  • Extension Requests: Receive notifications when students submit extension requests for support services.
  • Feedback Form: Never miss when a student submits a feedback form.
  • Network Request: Stay on top of network requests as they come in.
  • Service Applications: Be alerted when a student submits an application for a support service.
  • SMS: Stay connected by receiving notifications when someone responds to an SMS sent by the system.
  • Student Portal Unit Enrolment: Keep up to date when students self-enrol into units through the student portal.
  • TGA Updates: Be in the know when curriculum changes affect your system based on updates from TGA.

Security Tab

The Security tab is designed to ensure your data's safety and integrity. If your site has Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabled, you'll have access to this tab. 

Here, you can set up Multi-Factor Authentication to protect your account.

For more information on Multi-Factor Authentication and how it enhances your security, refer to our dedicated article on the topic.

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