Enrolment Health Score Overview

The Enrolment Health Score is a feature in our system designed to provide you with a quick snapshot of your student's enrolment status. It takes into account various factors that could affect a student's ability to complete their course successfully. This score is crucial for both educators and administrators as it helps identify and address issues promptly, ensuring a smoother learning experience for your students.


How Is The Health Score Determined?

The Enrolment Health Score is measured on a scale of 0 to 100, with the contributing factors sourced from three key areas:

  • Attendance
  • Finance
  • Progress

These factors are carefully setup to give you an accurate representation of the health of each enrolment. The health score is displayed on the enrolment page.

Enabling The Health Score Feature


The Health feature flag must be enabled on your site for you to proceed. Please contact ReadyTech Support or your Customer Success Manager to get this enabled. 

To gain access to the Health Score feature, you will need to enable Health Checkbox under Enrolment Preferences.

This can be found in Administration → Configuration → Preferences.

Click on the Enrolment option on the side menu.

Check the Health checkbox and save your changes. 


Enabling the Health feature at the Enrolment Preferences at the Course or Program level has no effect; it must be set at the RTO-wide level for it to be accessible.

Configuring The Health Score

The flexibility of our system allows you to customize how the health score is calculated under the Enrolment Preferences. You'll find a summary explaining how the score is derived from the different factors. 

Each factor's level represents an amount subtracted from the overall health score of the enrolment. Importantly, this is not dynamically calculated based on system data; you need to set the health level for each enrolment manually.

Adjusting The Health Score


Ensure that your health score Factors (Attendance/Finance/Progress) are properly configured before proceeding. Otherwise, the health score for enrolments may be inaccurate.

To tailor the health score for a specific enrolment, follow these steps:

Navigate to the enrolment and access the Health page.

Click on the Edit button.

Set the level for each factor according to your assessment. An amount will be subtracted from the Health Score according to the settings for each level in the Enrolment Preferences. 

You can also perform bulk adjustments for attendance from the Enrolments → Progress Centre → Attendance, streamlining the process for larger groups of students.

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