Create a Training Plan for a Student

Training Plans are essential for tracking and managing a student's progress. In this article, we will walk you through two main methods of creating a training plan template using our system's Letters & Forms functionality. Both methods have their pros and cons, so you can choose the one that best fits your workflow.


Using Letters & Forms Quick

Begin by going to the party profile for the student for whom you want to generate the training plan. 

Navigate to Letters & Forms → Quick.

Choose the training plan template that suits your needs from the available options.


The student must have an active enrolment for training plan templates to appear in the list.

After selecting a template, a dropdown menu should appear, allowing you to choose the enrolment for which you want to generate the training plan.

Click on the Produce button, and the system will begin generating the training plan.

Once the generation is complete, you will receive a download link to access and save the generated training plan.

Additionally, a copy of the training plan will be stored in the party's Documents page.

Using Letters & Forms Advanced

Begin by going to the party profile for the student for whom you want to generate the training plan.

Navigate to Letters & Forms → Advanced.

In the Advanced mode, you have more options to configure:

Selection: Specify the entity for which you want to generate the training plan. This should be set to an enrolment, otherwise you will get an error when generating the training plan.

Category: Use the dropdown menu to select the category of the template, training plans are typically found under the Student entity.

Template: Choose the template you want to use from the options on the bottom right side of the page.

Before proceeding, check and adjust the Preferences if needed:

  • Delivery: Choose between Preference, Email, or Letter. We recommend using Letter for generating a PDF document.
  • Format: Keep it set to HTML for best results, as other formats might cause generation issues.
  • Layout: We recommend keeping this as is, as it will automatically update to match the template.
  • Document Category: This will also automatically update to the category used by the template.
  • Portal: Use this switch to control document accessibility from a self-service portal.

Once all settings are configured, click on the Preview button to see a basic preview of the training plan.


The preview shown may differ slightly from the final PDF document.

To create the training plan PDF document, click on the Produce Letter button.

You will be provided with a link to download the generated PDF document.

Additionally, you can find the document in the party's Documents page.


  • Letters & Forms Quick: If you receive a message stating that the template could not be generated, consider trying the advanced method.
  • Letters & Forms Advanced: If you encounter an error here, you will receive a more detailed error message explaining the issue.

If the error isn't resolved by using Letters & Forms Advanced, please contact ReadyTech Support and provide the following details if possible:

  • A screenshot of the error message in Letters & Forms Advanced.
  • The template used.
  • The specific party profile and enrolment you attempted to generate the training plan for.
  • Any other relevant details that may help resolve the issue.
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