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This article highlights what is covered during the Western Australian Reporting Education Session. Additional resources relevant to the session are included, as well as action items that will help you implement the required steps for your WA reporting. This session is designed to follow all  Level 1 Onboarding Education Sessions  . Please refer to these sessions before proceeding with reporting. 

 Document Resource

A PDF workbook that represents the learning items from this presentation is available to download:

  Topics Covered  

  1. State Funding Source

  2. Contracts

  3. Nominal Hours

  4. Finance

  5. Enrolments

  6. Trainee/Apprenticeships

  7. Training Plans

  8. Reporting (RAPT/TAMS)

  9. Claims Payments 

  10. Funding Reports

  Session Recording  


00:00 - Introduction
 02:46  - State Funding Sources
 03:36  - Adding a New Funding Source (system demo)
 05:01  - Contracts
 06:20  - Create a Contract (system demo)
 08:06  - Course Creation
 10:01  - Create a Course (system demo)
 11:53  - Nominal Hours
 13:05  - Update Nominal Hours (system demo)
 14:31  - Finance
 16:34  - Create an Enrolment Fee (system demo)
 19:04  - Enrolment
 21:28  - Create an Enrolment (system demo)
 23:44  - Traineeship/Apprenticeship
 27:01  - Add a Trainee/Apprentice to a Student Enrolment
 29:36  - Training Plan
 33:01  - Update Unit End Dates (system demo)
 34:39  - Claims Reporting
 38:35  - Run a Claims Report (system demo)
 40:00  - Claims Payments
 42:17  - Add Received Claims Against a Report (system demo)
 44:38  - Funding Reports
 45:47  - Running Standard Reports (system demo)
 47:23  - Summary 

 Completing This Session  

If you wish to complete this session, you can: 

  • Register for a free upcoming webinar: [not currently available]

  • Book a paid one-one-one session [not yet available]

  Session Resources  

To complete this session within your SMS, you will require the following resources. Please be mindful that the session is designed to be performed after all Level 1 Onboarding Education has been completed.

Physical Resources  
1Access to your SMS, including username and password
2Funding contract information
3Post session: Access to TAMS
SMS Setup  
4SMS configured according to Level 1 Education Series
5Some student data within the system that can be reported on
Prerequisite Knowledge and Understanding 
6 Level 1 Education Series 
6Your reporting requirements

  Session Outcomes/Action Items  

Following the session, we recommend you follow the list of action items presented at the end of the session (see list below). These action items will help you enact the steps presented in the session within your own SMS. 

  • Check and update sate funding source for your reporting requirements (if required)

  • Setup/add funding contracts

  • Crete a course with linked contracts

  • Enrol a student into a course with the funding contract selected and state funding details entered

  • Add a Trainee/Apprenticeship to a student's enrolment

  • Run a claims report, validate the data and upload to the state reporting body

  Additional Resources  

The following resources provide additional support and information relating to this session:

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