Release 2023.09

Should you have any questions about the latest release, please contact your Client Success Manager or Customer Support via our support centre. 


Key Changes

  • TCSI – Multiple Admission Bases  
  • New Feature – VIC Auto-Update Enrolment Identifiers  

Planned Release Dates

  • Phase I: Tuesday, 19 September 2023
  • Phase II: Tuesday, 26 September 2023



TCSI - Multiple Admission Bases

Up to two values can now be selected in the Admission Basis field on VET Student Loans or Higher Education enrolments. Multiple values will be reported to TCSI.

There are two Breaking API changes: 

  • When retrieving, creating or updating enrolments through the API, the client-vet-student-loans/admission-basis element has been changed to admission-bases. This is now a list of multiple admission-basis elements, instead of a single value. This is a breaking change if you are using this field in the API.
  • Fixed an issue when retrieving records from the enrolments resource in the API (in JSON format) that caused the VET Student Loans fields to be in the enrolment element. The VET Student Loans fields will now be in a client-vet-student-loans sub-element, for consistency with enrolment update, the XML format, and the documentation.

New Feature - VIC Auto-Update Enrolment Identifiers

The VIC Auto-Enrolment Identifiers feature has been added to the SMS. When this feature is enabled, the SMS will automatically update Victorian enrolment identifiers used in Victorian AVETMISS reporting, when any of the key fields are changed. This feature will initially be used for Student Enrolment Identifiers (SEIDs), with changes to Program Enrolment ID functionality to come in a future release.

The key changes are:

  • When the VIC-Auto-Enrolment Identifiers feature is enabled, SEIDs used in Victorian AVETMISS reporting will be automatically derived from eight student enrolment fields: Student Number, Unit Code, Purchasing Contract Number, Course Commencement Date, Course Code, Associated Course Code, Unit Start Date and Program Enrolment Identifier. 
  • The new format SEID will be a 40-character hexadecimal identifier generated via a hash algorithm.
  • A new SEID will be automatically created when any of the eight fields change. If a field is reverted to its original value, the original SEID will be restored.
  • The SEID will be created at the time of running a Victorian AVETMISS or Claims Report, then stored against the unit.
  • Changes have been made to the Victorian State related fields on the SMS Enrolment > Unit > Advanced screen, including:
    • Renaming of the existing Enrolment Identifier field to Subject Enrolment Identifier.
    • Addition of a new Auto-update Enrolment Identifier flag, to allow users with the appropriate access to control whether automated SEID updates occur on an individual unit.
    • On the edit screen, relocation of these fields from the Resources to State Specific section.

To turn this feature on, please contact please contact your Client Success Manager or Customer Support. 

The Unit Show page:

The Unit Edit page:


Victorian AVETMISS – Defaulting Commenced While at School field.

Victorian enrolments created via the Enrolment API will now automatically derive the Course Commenced While At School flag from the student record’s current At School flag.


Service Group Applications – Export to CSV file

The Service Group Applications page now allows you to export to a CSV file, in addition to the existing XLS spreadsheet.


eCAF Manager

The eCAF Manager page now has an option to Sync eCAF for each eCAF record on the page. This allows you to sync the eCAF data for that individual record at any time.


Enrolment API

We have added the Unit ID to be specified in the Enrolment update API endpoint. Previously, units were only being updated by matching unit codes.


Victorian VSN Exporter

We have updated the Victoria VSN exporter to only include enrolments that have at least one reportable outcome in the Activity Month.


Your Community 

We have added a new filter to the Your Community page to allow searching of Portal logins. This could be useful in cases where the user is trying to find where an email address has been used. 


Victorian AVETMISS Outcome Identifier 79 mapped to 70 when the reporting state is not Victoria

New logic has been added for the Outcome Identifier - National field in the NAT00120 file, as part of AVETMISS and Claims Reports. When generating AVETMISS or Claims Reports for any state except Victoria, any outcomes of 79 (employer signoff or a practical placement) will be automatically mapped to 70 (continuing enrolments). Outcome 79 is only used in Victorian reporting.


24152 - The Enforce Title Case preference has been updated so that it will only capitalise the first letter of the Given and Surname fields. It was previously trying to capitalise on every character after a space that was causing undesired results.

29705 - We have resolved an issue on the Finance Hub > Unallocated Funds so that the Export button now performs as expected.

29701 - We have resolved display issues on the Party > Attendance page to that attendance now shows against the correct event.

29690 - We have updated the Course Application page so that only active statuses can be selected.

29629 - We have implemented some optimisations for Notifications to enable better performance on sites with many notifications.

29551 - We have removed an additional menu in the Employer Portal when editing Employers where two menus were being shown for the same purpose.

29479 - We have added a validation when adding Custom Fields to alert the user if they try to create a field with too many characters in the name.

29270 - We have made some changes when rendering error messages to users when viewing completed applications

29136 - We have updated the wording in the bulk email wizard to Send, instead of Save, when sending emails from the Course Application page.

27508 - Fixed an error where the number of subjects imported counter was not reset after every import.

24451 - We have fixed some issues with the CRICOS importer so it can be used to import records.

23935 - We have updated the validation that applies in the Update step of the Course Management MAC tool, so that it only applies when no units, academic period, or units of study have been selected.

29900 - We have resolved a UI display issue when attempting to view an invoice in the Finance Hub that had been created to include an Agent and Smart Fees.

29890 - We have resolved an issue that caused an error generating custom reports including the Party USI Status

29699 - We have resolved an issue that caused uploaded html documents to be interpreted as xhtml and rendered incorrectly

29208 - We have resolved an issue that prevented a new location from being created if the address was only saved when using the Address Lookup tool but not manually entered.

28184 - We have resolved an issue using filters on the Applications > Course Application > New Application page.

27385 - We have fixed an error that would appear when searching for Tasks on the Task List page when sorting columns.

29717 - We have fixed an issue where the address lookup field was displaying when the address format preference was set to basic.

29627 - Resolved an issue where an error was thrown, instead of a validation message, when the country in the address was blank and the suburb, state, and postcode was populated.

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