Adding a Prospect to a Party Record

Prospects allow you to efficiently manage flagged referral items for your system. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of creating and using prospects within your system.


Adding a Prospect to a Party Record

Log in to our system and expand to Enrolments → Prospects.

This will display the management area for Prospects, including existing Prospect items, and the option to create a new Prospect item.

Press the +New option in the top-left to create a new Prospect against a Party Record.

This will navigate to a new screen, where you can Search for an Existing Party, or Create a New Party record:


For the purpose of this example, we will process a new Prospect item creation for an Existing Party.

Search for the desired Party Record and select Use this party:

This will display the Referral wizard, for entering your Prospect item:

The very first field to be entered is the Prospect Type, which can impact the data entry process.

From the dropdown selection, choose the relevant Prospect Type:


Agent Referral open the Eligibility Check & PTA Booking data entry options as part of this process. They will also restrict associating a course to the Prospect

Fill in the following details for the Agent Referral details:

  • Referring Agent Employer: Lists the company that is related to this Prospect Referral item. (If Applicable)
  • Referring Agent: The relevant party record that is listed as the contact for this referral. (Note, if an Employer as been listed this would be an Agent/Employee of that Company)
  • Referral Status: Select an initial Referral Status for this Prospect item. This list can be customised in the Lookups area for Prospects Setup.

With these details entered, press Next to continue.

This area provides the opportunity to review and enter information for the Party Profile (as per other standard Party and Enrolment wizards).

Review and amend any required information in this area if required.

With these details entered, press Next to continue.

This area will prompt you to select single Course to be allocated to the Prospect item.

Once a Course has been selected, press the Next button to review this Prospect item.

This final step of the process will display the entered information for your Prospect item for review. If all information has been entered correctly, press the Create button to add the Prospect item to the Party record.

Viewing a Prospect against a Party Record

When viewing a Party Record, a heading for Prospects can be viewed on the left-hand side.

Clicking on a Prospect will display its information in the main window, with options to update its information, or action specific Prospect processes.

  • Edit - Allows editing of the Prospect profile, with both Party details and Profile information
  • Confirm Enrolment - will automatically create an enrolment with the details provided during the Prospect creation process
  • Enrol via Wizard - Will action the creation of an enrolmen using the standard enrolment wizard 
  • Cancel Prospect - This will cancel the Prospect item, restricting future use (This cannot be undone)

 Additional Reading

A dedicated article existed to cover the configuration of Prospects within your system:

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