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Welcome to the education and training hub for you Student Management System (SMS). This article will outline the various education and training options available to you, as well as the best method for approaching each type of offering.   



Throughout the training materials you will see the following icons. 

These icons help you identify the difficulty of the training. It is important to ensure you follow the 'Requirements' outlined in the table below to successfully complete and implement any training sessions for you RTO. 

GoalTo give you the skills to effectively configure your system and manage baseline operations, from login to reportingTo provide you with the tools, knowledge and experience to optimise your system performance and and make informed decisions for your RTO. To empower you with an in-depth knowledge of you SMS, enabling you to maximise its capabilities, implement features, and enhance user experience for your RTO.
RequirementsAccess to your SMS

1. Access to your SMS

2. Understanding and completion of the Onboarding Education Series
1. Access to your SMS
2. Understanding and completion of the Onboarding Education Series
3. Understanding and completion of relevant topics from Intermediate Education
TopicsComing Soon 

Existing Training Materials 

This section outlines all existing education and training options to date. A brief summary of the contents of each section is given, as well as information on how to approach the sessions. All self service options should be completed in order of level of difficulty (1, 2 then 3).

Onboarding Education 

Difficulty Level:1

Service Type: Self Service

Summary: The Onboarding Education series introduces the learner to the SMS. This material is relevant for new RTOs, RTOs being onboarded, and new staff to the existing SMS. This series teaches learners how to conduct their everyday basic business operations. It is important to complete this series in full and IN ORDER as the topics are sequential and build upon each other. 

State Reporting Training 

Difficulty Level:1

Service Type: Self Service

Summary: The State Reporting Training series teaches you how to generate state based reports to fulfil your state reporting requirements. Depending on your organisation, you may need to do one or more of these sessions to gain a full understanding of appropriate system setup. Please ensure you have completed Onboarding Education series before completing any state reporting training. This series does not need to be completed in any particular order or in full, you will only need to complete the sessions relevant for your organisation. 


Difficulty Level:1

Service Type: Self Service

Summary: The Onboarding Education series has been developed into an e-learn for your convenience. You can sign up to the self-service e-learn that will walk you through the Onboarding Education series and produce a completion certificate at the end of the course. There is no pre-requisite knowledge for this course, all you will need is access to your SMS. 

Intermediate Education 

Difficulty Level: 2

Service Type: Self Service

Summary: The Intermediate Education series provides a more in depth explanation of topics than level 1. Some topics in this series were introduced in level 1, others you will be introduced to for the first time. The topics in the Intermediate Education series are more diverse and less sequential than level 1 topics, therefore, the Intermediate Education series does not need to be completed in order. 


Difficulty Level: 2

Service Type: Self Service

Summary: Integrations teaches you how to set up and use your integrations for a variety of software compatible with the SMS. It is important that you have completed the Onboarding Education series prior to attempting any integrations so you can ensure you are adequately familiar with your SMS. 

Paid Consultation 

Difficulty Level: n/a

Service Type: Consultation

Summary: Paid consultation can be booked through your onboarding consultant or customer success manager. Please reach out to the appropriate representative for more information. 


Difficulty Level: Varies

Service Type: Live Webinar

Summary: ReadyTech offers regular, free, live webinars to SMS clients. To have your name added to our mailing list for regular updates and sign-up links, please reach out to Please note: many of these sessions require a baseline understanding of the system. We therefore recommend you complete the Onboarding Education series prior to attending. 

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