Release 2023.11

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Key Changes

  • Loan Deferral Planner page is now available for Fee-HELP enrolments
  • API support for receiving deposit payments
  • TCSI and NSW Claims Smart and Skilled reporting updates

Planned Release Dates

  • Phase I: Tuesday, 14 November 2023
  • Phase II: Tuesday, 21 November 2023



Loan Deferral Planner

The Loan Deferral Planner page is now available for Fee-HELP enrolments. Previously, this page was only available for VSL enrolments. To use this page, the enrolment needs to be in a course with Automatic Smart Fees and the enrolment needs at least one Unit of Study.

VSN Importer for Active Students

It is now possible to import Victorian Student Numbers (VSN) with an Active Students report from VSR, in the Administration > Import/Export > Victoria VSN Import screen.

Subject Grade importer 

The Subject Importer now allows the Outcome Name to be specified in the Subject Outcome column in the CSV import file. Previously, only the outcome Code and Description were supported.

API changes


The POST Payments API endpoint now supports deposit payments. Setting the payment type to ‘deposit' and excluding the invoice number in the payload will create the deposit payment and generate the respective invoice based on the configured system preferences.


We have introduced several parameters to the List Prospects endpoint, which will enable users to return a more tailored set of records. See API documentation for full details.


We now support the use of Address ID for updating a specific address in the update Parties endpoint.

TCSI Reporting - Field of Education Fields

The Field of Education fields on a Program now allow selection of either a 'narrow' (4 digit) or 'detailed' (6 digit) code, as required by TCSI. If a program with a 'detailed' Field of Education code is reported in AVETMISS, it is automatically reported as the corresponding 'narrow' code.

NSW Claims Smart and Skilled Reporting – Transition Enrolments and Credit Transfer scenarios

This change introduces improved logic for NSW Claims Smart and Skilled reporting and enrolments to transitioned qualifications.

In transitioned enrolment scenarios, when a unit in the current enrolment has an outcome of Credit Transfer because it was completed in the original enrolment, the unit with the Credit Transfer outcome will not be included in the NAT120 file. The original unit will only appear in the NAT120 with an outcome of 20 (Completed) or 51 (RPL granted).

This logic applies to two scenarios:

  1. The same unit code appears twice under the same Student ID and Commitment ID, but different courses, and:
    a. A unit has an outcome of 20 (Completed) or 51 (RPL Granted) under the first course.
    b. The same unit also appears with an outcome of 60 (credit transfer) under the second course

    Then the unit code will only be reported once in the NAT120 file with the outcome of 20 or 51 against the first course.

  2. The unit in the original enrolment is superseded by a new unit under the new course, and:
    a. A unit in the superseded enrolment has a Status (TGA) of Superseded in the Administration > Curriculum > Units Scope > Compliance tab with the current unit code linked
    b. In the superseded enrolment, the superseded unit has an outcome of 20 (Completed) or 51 (RPL granted)
    c. The current unit code appears in the current enrolment with an outcome of 60 (credit transfer)

    Then the unit code will only be reported once in the NAT120 file with the outcome of 20 or 51 against the first program.

TCSI – PIR File Extracts

Improvements have been made to the TCSI PIR file extracts. Empty columns and headers that are no longer required by TCSI have been removed from the PIR course, course on campus, student, course admission (HDR) and unit enrolment file extracts.The templates are now as per TCSI PIR templates.


30519 - We have re-labelled the Credits tab in the Finance hub to Credit Notes.

29915 - We have fixed a bug in the Company portal that showed a menu option of ‘Switch to company portal’.

30400 - We have resolved an issue in the Course Copy API endpoint that was preventing the course Tags from being copied to the new course.

29920 - We have fixed an issue with the company portal stats page, for some sites.

30460 - We have fixed a permission issue with documents in the Company portal when the user was logged in with their own account.

29914 - We resolved an issue in the company portal, where the record count of workforce planners was incorrectly calculating.

29913 - An issue was resolved with the workforce planner in the company portal, where the quick selection was being reset when the search button was clicked.

29727 - We have updated the API documentation for the POST Payments endpoint to show that the invoice-number is required in the payload.

30227 - Assigning an Outcome code of 25 will now automatically trigger the assignment of an outcome date, visible in the Academic Detail report.

30487 – TCSI - this change resolves an issue with TCSI Reports, where an error was displayed when the Date From field was blank.

30486 – TCSI – this change resolves an issue with TCSI VSL reporting to show the Location Code not the Location ID.

30317 – AVETMISS – this change resolves an issue when reporting a unit in AVETMISS that has an outcome of Recognition of Prior Learning, Recognition of Current Competency or Credit Transfer, that was completed in a subsequent year and therefore is being reported with an outcome of 70 (continuing) this year, it will now report the enrolment’s predominant delivery mode instead of reporting the predominant delivery mode as “Not applicable” (N) from the unit.

29992 - We have implemented some optimisations for Notifications to enable better performance on sites with many notifications.

29937 - We have enforced the behaviour of disabled units assigned to a course so that disabled electives cannot be added to a student enrolment.

29147 - We have resolved an issue that prevented sending bulk emails from the Communications > Feedback page.

26704 - We have updated the Cancel button on the Course > Copy page so that it now works as intended to cancel the course copy process and redirect the user back to the page from where they started.

29057 - We have resolved an issue that could arise when attempting to merge parties in some circumstances.

29964 - We have resolved an issue that resulted in additional information appearing when using Letters & Forms Advanced against a party record.

30315 - We have resolved a permission issue that prevented Trainers/Academics from being able to view Feedback forms assigned to them.

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