Holds Overview

Holds are a useful tool that allow you to control and restrict certain actions on a student profile. In this article, we will go over creating, configuring, and applying Holds in the system.



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What Are Holds?

Holds can be thought of as a configurable lock that can be applied to a student. They allow you to restrict specific actions that can be made to the student by users and staff. 

Holds can be manually applied to the student if they have not met certain requirements. For example, a hold can be applied to deny the issuance of awards if the student hasn't paid for their course.

Creating A Hold

Navigate to Administration → Configuration → Holds to access the Holds configuration page.

Click on the + New button to create a new hold.

From here, you can enter the details for your hold.

  • External ID: An identifier for the hold.
  • Code: Assign a unique code for the hold.
  • Name: Field to provide a clear and descriptive name for the hold.
  • Description: Field where you can write a brief description of the hold.
  • Enabled: Toggle to control whether the hold is active or inactive.
  • Override Hold User Group: Set a User Group with permission to override the hold. User Groups can be configured under Administration → Security → User Groups  

  • Alert Message: Displayed when a restricted action is attempted by a user.
  • Alert Colour: Choose the colour for the hold alert message.
  • Display on Student Portal: Displays the alert for the hold on the student portal

The Hold Settings are the specific actions that you would like to restrict for the student.

  • Disable Certification: Enabling this option restricts the issuance of awards to students.
  • Disable Course Enrolment: Enabling this option prevents students from being enrolled in courses.
  • Disable Unit Enrolment: Enabling this option ensures that units within the student's enrolments cannot be updated with a reportable outcome.

Once all of the required details are entered, click on the Save button.

Applying A Hold To A Student

Now that you have a hold configured, you can apply it to a student. 

Go to the party profile of the student and click on Holds in the left-hand side menu.

Click on the + New button on the Holds page.

  • Hold Type: Select the hold that you would like to apply to the student.
  • Description: Auto-fills with the hold description as shown in the hold configuration.
  • Applies to: Choose whether the hold applies to all enrolments tied to the party or a specific enrolment. Selecting the Enrolment option will reveal another dropdown menu for you to select the specific enrolment. 
  • Start Date: Set the date the hold takes effect.
  • End Date: Specify the date when the hold ends.
  • Note: Enter a note explaining the reason for the hold.

Once you have entered all of the required details, click on the Create button.

The student will now have the hold applied and actions will be restricted in alignment with the hold configuration.

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