CRICOS Overview

CRICOS is an essential part of the enrolment process for international students. Within your system, there is additional functionality to facilitate enrolments of international students. In this article, we will go over how to enable the CRICOS in your system and what it opens.


What is CRICOS?

CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students) is an essential framework for processing enrolments for overseas students.

CRICOS providers are required to report data to the Australian government through PRISMS (Provider Registration and International Student Management System)

Please be aware that the CRICOS functionality within the system cannot submit information directly to PRISMS, all student and enrolment information needs to be entered into the PRISMS website manually

Enabling CRICOS Functionality

To open CRICOS functionality within your system, you will need to enter your CRICOS Provider ID

Go to Administration → Configuration → Preferences

Click on the Edit button.

Enter your CRICOS Provider ID into the labelled field and click on the Save button.

This will enable CRICOS functionality in different areas of your system.



You can now add a CRICOS code at the Program level. 

Go to Administration → Curriculum → Programs.

Select the desired program and click on the Edit button.

There will be a new field where you can enter the CRICOS Code.

You can also enter the CRICOS Code when creating a new Program.


There will now be a section in the Party Profile page to enter information specific to international students 

Go to the desired party profile and navigate to Compliance → International on the left side menu

Click on the Edit button and click on the tabs to show different fields where you can enter student information.


Agents are an important part of the enrolment process for international students. 

To create a new Agent, go to Community → Agents.

Click on the + New button.

This will take you to the Agent creation wizard. You can either create a new party profile or use an existing one to create the Agent profile.

Refer to this article for more information on creating an Agent.

Target End Date Generation from Total Number of Weeks

This can be an important value to report for some enrolments. You can have a Target End Date generated for the enrolment by checking the Generate Target End Date from Total Number of Weeks checkbox in Enrolment Preferences

This will enable the Total Number of Weeks modal on the enrolment. Click on [Change] to bring up the modal.

You can enter the Start Date and the Total Number of Weeks to have the Target End Date automatically calculated.

You can enable this in three different ways:

  • System Wide: This will enable it automatically for any newly created Programs. Navigate to Administration → Configuration → Preferences → Enrolment Preferences → Enrolment Wizard
  • Program Level: This will enable it for all newly created courses under the Program. Navigate to Administration → Curriculum → Program → Desired Program → Enrolment Preferences → Enrolment Wizard
  • Course Level: This will enable it for all enrolments within the specific course. Navigate to Courses → List All → Desired Course → Admin → Enrolment Preferences → Enrolment Wizard

International Data

When enrolling a student into a course, there will be an International checkbox. Checking this will reveal fields on the bottom of the page that are relevant to international students.

You can also enter this information from the party profile by navigating to Party → Compliance → International as shown previously.

CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment) details can be entered by accessing the enrolment and clicking on the Edit button. 

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