Superseding a Unit

Since the TGA ( supersedes units from time to time, you will be required to update the unit information within your system. In this article, we will go over the process of superseding a unit and updating data within the system to accommodate the change.


Go to Administration → Curriculum → Units. 

This will bring up a list of units in your system, use the Search function to find the specific unit you would like to supersede and click on the Unit Code.

On the unit details page, click on the Compliance tab. You will see the TGA Status of the unit on this page and if the unit has been superseded, you should see the [specify] option.

Click on [specify] to enter the unit supersede wizard.

Superseding the Unit

The first step of the unit supersede wizard involves searching for the unit that you want to supersede this unit with.

You can search using the unit code or any specific keywords related to the unit. 

Once you have found the desired unit, click on the Select button next to it.

This will take you to the next step, which involves confirming details for the unit such as AVETMISS information and nominal hours. 

Some of the details for the unit will be automatically pulled from the TGA website. You can modify the details if needed. 


Ensure that any edits you make to the unit details are compliant with your unit scope, otherwise you could run into issues when reporting training activity.

If the unit information appears to be accurate, proceed by clicking on the Next button.

Update Process

The next step involves updating the use of the unit throughout different areas of the system.

You have the option to disable the superseded unit. This will prevent it from being displayed when searching for it in different parts of the system. Check the Yes, disable it box if you want to disable the unit.

Under the heading Course Scopes containing the superseded Unit Scope, there will be a list of Programs that are currently using the superseded unit. 

You can check the box next the Programs in which you’d like to replace the unit. This will automatically remove the superseded unit in the Program and replace it with the new unit. 

This can also be done for enrolments. Under the Enrolments using the superseded Unit Scope heading, you can check the box next to each enrolment in which you’d like to replace the superseded unit with the new unit. 

You can also filter the units shown in the list using the Unit Start Date on or after filter. 

Once you have selected the desired Programs and Enrolments, click on the Next button.

This will take you to a summary page that will display the changes to be made. Click on the Create button to apply the changes.

The unit will now be superseded and the specified changes will be applied in your system. 

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