Submitting a Template Request

This article describes how to submit a template request for your Student Management System. Template requests are submitted via an online form, we have a set of requirements to ensure the template is designed as close to how you would like it as possible.

Accessing the Template Request Form

The Template Request Form is accessed via a web page, and is designed to guide you through answering specific questions to help with servicing your request.

The template request form can be accessed via the following link:

Template Request Specific Requirements: 

  • Template Request Type
    The template team will need to know what sort of request you're submitting. You have 3 choices to select from.
    • New Template: A request to create a brand-new template or to create a new version of an existing template.

      Template Change/Update: A request to update/amend an existing template. For example, changing images, text of logic.

    • Template Repair: A request to fix a broken template that no longer runs. For example, an error appears as a result of a product update.

  • Existing Template Link or New Template Name
    If your request involves updating an existing template we require the link to the template that needs updating. If you navigate to Administration-Templates-List all and then search for the required template and left click on the template and copy the URL, as highlighted:

    If the template is new, you will need to provide us with the name you would like the template given. This needs to be unique to your site. (Cannot have the same name as another template on your site)
  • Required Documents
    At a minimum we require a mock up of how you wish the template to look. We recommend either a PDF or Word Document. If the template contains any images such as logos, signatures or graphics they will also need to be included as image files. We also recommend using high quality image files.
    When uploading files they will need to be zipped.
    Use the following link if you need to know how to Zip files on Windows:
  • Description
    We will need to know if the template needs any logic to pull data from the system if it isn't described in your mockup. This can include things like where to pull a date from in the system. It can also include any other information you think might be relevant to our template writers to ensure your template is designed how you like. 
  • Additional CCs
    Please add any email addresses to be cc'd into your template request. These email addresses will receive updates on the template requests process.

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