Release 2024.01

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Key Changes

  • Commencing Program Cohort Identifier field changes
  • Additional warning messages for misaligned Trainee/Apprentice contract dates and Unit start dates

Planned Release Dates

  • Phase I: Tuesday, 9 January 2024
  • Phase II: Tuesday, 16 January 2024



Commencing Program Cohort Identifier field changes

Several changes have been made to the Commencing Program Cohort Identifier field, related to the Victorian 2024 VET Student Statistical Collection Changes.

  • The Commencing Program Cohort Identifier field is now available to select in the Course Forms Builder screen and can be used in enrolment and application forms. When editing a web form, find the field under the Compliance Data > TAS/VIC menu on the left.
  • In the SMS, changes have been made to the list of values that appear in the Commencing Program Cohort Identifier dropdown menu. On a Victorian enrolment’s Claims/Funding tab, the Commencing Program Cohort Identifier field now displays a list of codes and short names as selectable options, rather than the full descriptions.

  • In line with Victorian reporting requirements, the SMS user interface has been updated to limit a user from selecting more than three values in the Commencing Program Cohort Identifier field. When more than three values are selected on a Victorian enrolment, a new validation error message is displayed on screen: No more than 3 Commencing Program Cohort Identifiers can be selected.

Additional Alerts for misalignment of Apprentice/Trainee Contract Start Date and Unit Start Dates

In the December 2023 release, we introduced new AVETMISS alerts for misaligned dates between the Apprentice/Trainee Contract Start Date and Unit Start Dates. For Victorian enrolments, AVETMISS alerts are displayed when a Unit’s start date is set earlier than the active Apprenticeship/Traineeship Contract Start Date on the enrolment. 

In this release, additional alerts have been added to an enrolment’s edit screens:

  • On the Enrolment > Trainee/Apprentice edit page, when entering a Contract Start Date that is after a Unit Start Date, the following message is displayed:

  • The following pop-up message is displayed on the Enrolment > Unit edit page, if entering a Unit Start Date before that is before the active Contract Start Date:


Program Progression Levels

We have added two new fields to Programs for Level Type and Number of Levels. The Level Type dropdown uses your reference data lookups for Progression Level Type. For example, you could use these new fields to define a default number of levels for a program to be '4 Years', '8 Blocks', or '2 Semesters' using your own language.

The maximum number of levels for a Program we are allowing is 8.

In future releases, we will be using this to expand upon the Term / Year field for Program units of competency to give you greater flexibility and configurability through to the course and enrolment level.

Smart Fees Create Invoice Modal

We’ve made an adjustment to the Create Invoice modal within the Smart Fees Invoicing page against an Enrolment. Error handling on this page will now display better error messages with more information on what has occurred.

Employer Portal: Edit Contacts Page UI Cleanup

We’ve updated the Employer Portal Edit Contact page to clean up the presentation of fields within the page.

API updates

We have introduced several parameters to the List Payments endpoint, which will enable users to return a more tailored set of records. See API documentation for full details.

We have updated the Create Payments endpoint, to enable users to set the payment date and payment reference. See API documentation for full details.

We have updated the List Payments and Create Payment API endpoint to include payment reference and payment identifier.

Victoria – New Fee Exemption State code for Skills First Aboriginal Access

In accordance with Victorian 2024 compliance changes, a new Fee Exemption State (Second Character) of 'F' has been added for the Skills First Aboriginal Access fee waiver.


30878 – We fixed an issue in the Progress Centre, which allowed users to assign outcomes they are restricted from using via the Outcome Type Group configuration.

30926 We have fixed an issue which could occur when creating a Party record through the API and specifying unit-number in the payload where the value supplied was not visible in the UI for that party address.

27387 We fixed an issue where the activity logs appeared in unrelated party’s Activity Feed.

30020   We have fixed an issue with the VSL payment importer where the payments were sometimes not getting allocated to the correct invoice items that had VSL deferrals.

23885 – We've fixed an issue where disabled Tags were still displaying as a selectable option when editing a record and being removed when saving a record. Both issues will no longer occur in this update.

30908 We have fixed an issue where the date of birth field was cleared when an error was returned by the USI verification service.

30803 Fixed an issue that returned an error when filtering Payment Types of Refunds in the Finance Hub.

30165 – A fix has been made to scheduled invoice reports resolving a bug with blank dates resulting in the report producing an error message.

31122 – Performance improvements have been made to searching in the Progress Centre. A bug has been resolved that may have resulted in an error when searching for a key word across all records.

30839 – On the Electives page, a fix has been applied to when the Units of Study or Subjects headings are displayed. If the Help menu > About > VET Students Loans Capability field is set to OFF, then Subjects headings are displayed on the Electives page. If set to ON, then Units of Study headings are displayed on the Electives page.

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