Release 2024.02

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Key Changes

  • TCSI reporting changes
  • Outcome Type Configuration – Ignore Prerequisites Setting
  • CAN Notice Automation Condition

Planned Release Dates

  • Phase I: Tuesday, 13 February 2024
  • Phase II: Tuesday, 20 February 2024



TCSI Reporting Changes

A range of TSCI reporting changes have been made to the SMS:

1. A new provider preference for 'Report Amount Charged of 0 for overseas fee-paying students' has been added to the Preferences screen. When enabled, TCSI Higher Ed and PIR Reporting will always report a 'E384 Amount Charged of 0' when the Student Status indicates the student is overseas fee-paying (310 or 311).

2. TCSI VSL, Higher Ed and PIR file extracts will now report a blank E320 Residential Address Postcode if the student’s Permanent Address country is offshore.

3. New TCSI validations 10901 and 10902 have been added for the Maximum Student Contribution Code for units of study with census dates in 2024 or later.

4. TCSI validations 1045110452, 10453 and SV00005 no longer apply to client units of study with census dates from 2024.

5. The Variation/Remission Reason field on enrolled units of study now only allow remission reasons that are currently valid for TCSI reporting to be selected.

6. A new Citizenship Status of Pacific Engagement Visa holder (PEV) has been added for TCSI reporting in 2024.

Outcome Type Configuration – Ignore Prerequisites Setting

We’ve added a new setting field called Ignore Prerequisites within the Outcome Types configuration page. 

Now (when grading) the system will ignore prerequisite requirements when grading a unit for outcomes with this setting turned on. 

Note: This setting can only be applied to non-completion reportable outcomes (i.e. 40 – Withdrawn, 70 – Continuing Enrolment)

CAN Notice Automation Condition

We’ve added a new Automation Condition that is called Group by Student and Census Date.

Now only one Task Instance/Email will be created for Enrolment Subjects with the same census date and group them together to be placed into a generated CAN Notice.


  • Enrolment Subjects with different dates will have their own Task Instance/Email
  • Updating the census date for one or more Enrolment Subjects to a date that has already been processed for other units will result in one new Task Instance/Email for that date
  • Updating the census date for an Enrolment Subject that has already been processed will result in a new Task Instance/Email for that date
  • If you are interested in adding this condition to your environment – please contact our support team for assistance.

USI Exemption Improvements

On a Course’s Student page, students with a USI exemption code of INTOFF or INDIV will now appear with a green tick in the USI column. These students will also not appear as an error on the USI Manager screen.

Claims Reporting

Claims Reporting will no longer consider a contract set at the course level to determine whether an enrolment should be included in reporting. Only contracts set at the enrolment or unit level will be considered.

Report Builder

We have added the ACE Disadvantage Criteria field to Report Builder.

Queensland Claims Payment Importer

Additional logic has been added to the Queensland Claims Importer to show when payments are declined. In the Queensland Claims Payment import file, any rows with an N in the student_pay and ts_pay columns will result in a warning when importing to the SMS. When ‘Import with warnings is selected, these rows are imported as Declined payments.


The Invoice API has been updated to allow the use of the <ledger-code-id> value to identify a ledger code entry for invoice items.


31031 – Fixed a UI issue with the assisted signing modal for Document Packs.

30990 – Fixed an issue with the Progress Centre > Units page where users were able to select outcomes that they don’t have permission to use.

30577 – Fixed an issue with the Academic Period bulk updater where the academic periods were not being updated unless a score value was provided. A blank score will now be accepted and will remove any previously saved score for that academic period.

31123 – We fixed an issue with the Resource Manager where it was ignoring the Week Start Day preference within Configuration settings page. This will now adjust the calendar view to now display the week start day according to this setting.

30278   We have updated the Prepare Invoice task to no longer create invoice items for incomplete units that have an invoice scheduling trigger based on unit completion.

23885 – We've fixed an issue where Tags were being removed upon saving a record due to being disabled from use. This will no longer occur and existing tags will be retained if already applied to a record.

30793 – We’ve fixed an issue when attempting to grade a unit within the Event Attendance page would result in not being saved until attendance has been marked for the event. This will no longer occur and any graded units will be applied when saved

31155 We have resolved an issue that was causing payment amounts to be fully credited to the first line item of the invoice regardless of the specified amount.

30135 Any units with Hide from Student Portal turned on will no longer be shown under any subjects they are linked to in the Subjects tab on the Student Portal.

31428 – We have fixed an issue that prevented payments from being able to be recorded against invoice numbers that contained non-alphanumeric characters.

31299 – We have resolved an issue that prevented the TCID to be reported in a Claims Report when the TCID is applied at the unit level and there was no active apprenticeship or traineeship on the enrolment.

31163 – An issue has been resolved where the Auto-update Program Enrolment Identifier checkbox was automatically flagged on existing enrolments after running a Victorian Claims Report.

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