Release 2024.03

Should you have any questions about the latest release, please contact your Client Success Manager or Customer Support via our support centre. 


Key Changes

  • Compliance reporting improvements (AVETMISS, Victorian Claims Report, TCSI)
  • Credit allocation functionality improvements
  • Additions to the SMS APIs

Planned Release Dates

  • Phase I: Tuesday, 12 March 2024
  • Phase II: Tuesday, 19 March 2024



AVETMISS Reporting | Reporting Unit-based Locations

New logic has been added to improve how locations are reported in AVETMISS reporting. 

When a location is recorded against a unit, this location is now reported in the NAT20 and NAT120 AVETMISS files. When no unit location is recorded, the SMS will derive the location from the enrolment, and if not set there, then the course.

Victorian Claims Report Performance Improvements

We are pleased to advise performance improvements have been made to the Victorian Claims Report. Refinements to the report query will result in shorter run times for generating the NAT120 and NAT130 files.

TCSI Reporting 

Two improvements have been made to TCSI reporting.

Pacific Engagement Visa 

The logic used to determine whether a learner is eligible for VSL has been expanded to include the citizenship status of Pacific Engagement Visa, in line with recent TCSI policy changes. The changes impact the following screens:

  • On a learner’s Compliance > VSL / FEE-Help page > Eligible field
  • On an enrolment record’s VFH / VSL page
  • In the Upcoming Deferrals page (Administration > Funding > Loan HQ > Upcoming Deferrals). Enrolments with this citizenship status will now appear on the Upcoming Deferrals page.

    A fix has also been applied to Upcoming Deferrals page to ensure learners with a Visa Type of Special Category Visa are only eligible if they also have New Zealand citizenship.

Updates to Education Parent fields

Changes have been made to the Education Parent 1 and Education Parent 2 fields that appear on the Party > Compliance > VSL / FEE-HELP page. 

In line with TCSI reporting requirements, the values ‘01- Not a commencing student’ or ‘98 - Not applicable’ have been removed.

Course Progression Levels

It is now possible to see the Level Type and Number of Levels on the Course page when the Program has a progression level type. You can also edit a specific course to have a different Level Type or Number of Levels. The API for GET /webservice/course and GET /webservice/course/{course_number} endpoints has been updated with these new level fields.

Audit Trail

We have exposed the Certificate Register entity to the Audit Trail.

Credit Allocation

Credit amounts can be the result of overpayments, deposit payments or when credit notes were applied to paid invoices. Previously, these could only be managed by way of a refund so re-allocation was a multi-step process. We have improved the process by introducing direct credit allocation capability. This new feature enables finance users to apply credit from one invoice to pay off another.

On the New Payment Screen, the credit amount available on the account is displayed at the top of the Payment panel. 

Selecting Credit Allocation as the payment type will display a list of source invoices of the credit. 

The amount in credit for the selected source can then be allocated to outstanding invoices on the right of the screen.

API Improvements

Improvements have been made to the SMS APIs.

GET Subject API | Requisite
The GET Subject API has been updated to allow requisites information to be obtained via the new parameter ‘requisites’.

GET Enrolments API | Commencing Program Cohort Identifier 

For Victorian enrolments, the Commencing Program Cohort Identifier field can now be retrieved through the GET Enrolments API via the new parameter ‘commencing_program_cohort_identifier’.

GET Course API | Progression Levels

The GET Course API has been updated to allow Progression Level information to be obtained via two new parameters:

  • progression_level_type_id: The progression level type being used for the units of the course.
  • progression-level-max: The highest number of progression levels achievable for the course.

The Party API and Party CRICOS API have been updated to allow retrieval and update of the English Level and Passport.

Further information on API requirements can be found in the SMS API documentation.

USI Exemption Improvements

When a learner is exempt from a USI they may be allocated either an INTOFF or INDIV code. Two related improvements have been made:

  • Learners with the INTOFF or INDIV code will no longer show AVETMISS warnings about the USI not being valid or verified.
  • The Verify button will no longer be available to select for student records with an INTOFF or INDIV USI Exemption code.


31464 – A bug was resolved that triggered an error message when clearing a Target End Date and saving the enrolment. The SMS will now display a validation warning message instead.

31046 – A fix was applied to Claims Forecasting for Queensland Use Choice enrolments. When an outcome of Gap Training – 65 is applied to a unit, a claim forecast amount of 5% will now be calculated.

31655 – We resolved an issue that prevented South Australian Claims and AVETMISS reports from being correctly generated for non-traineeship enrolments.

31429 – We have resolved an issue that was causing manual awards to not record the creator of the record.

26120 – We have fixed an issue where an error was incorrectly shown to users on the Companies page when doing a CSV export and your user does not have the 'report : batch_progress' permission to see the progress of the background job performing the export.

29816 – We have resolved an issue that prevented the Student Portal preference 'Use Primary Email as Login ID' from working as expected when the preference is not selected. The Party ID will now be used in place of email when this preference is not enabled.

31529 – We have fixed an issue with Document Packs where sequential signing wasn’t working for some signers after the signing order had been adjusted.

31180 – We've fixed an issue where Course Applications with a partial status was not triggering an email to be sent when payment gateways are enabled against the Course Form.

31530 – We've fixed an issue where the discount code applied to a course application was not being reflected against the payment record. You will now be able to identify the discount code used.

30278 – We have fixed an issue where the wrong unit description was being populated on an invoice item for incomplete units while using the 'Prepare Invoice' feature.

24656 – We've fixed an issue when scheduling an invoice item to be generated on a fortnightly basis was being delayed and created on the wrong date.

30947 – We have fixed an issue with the Holiday calendar that resulted in experiencing an error 500 page when trying to view all events.

31448 – We have fixed an issue when bulk updating Unit Start Dates to a 'Blank Date' within the Enrolment > Units page does not apply the value to the units.

31632 – We've fixed an issue when importing VSL payment information that returned an 'Invalid Enrolment' error.

31532 – When creating a new certificate through the API without specifying a certificate number, a new certificate number will now be automatically generated and assigned.

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