Release 2024.04

Should you have any questions about the latest release, please contact your Client Success Manager or Customer Support via our support centre. 


Key Changes

  • Compliance reporting improvements (NSW ACE, Victorian Training Contracts)
  • Victorian Claims File Importer – support for new file format
  • Progression Levels

Planned Release Dates

  • Phase I: Tuesday, 9 April 2024
  • Phase II: Tuesday, 16 April 2024



Progression Levels – Program Units

The column for 'Term / Year' on the Program Units page has been renamed to match the Level Type for the Program. If the Program Level Type is empty, then the old 'Term / Year' column will not be shown on the Program Units page. As part of this release, if you have data in your 'Term / Year' for a Program, then we will be updating the Program Level Type to 'Year' and the Number of Levels to '8' so that this column isn’t hidden. Please adjust the type and levels as appropriate for your Programs.

Progression Levels – Course Units

Course Units have a new field that allows you to override the level. By default, course units will be inherited from the Program Unit.

On the Show Course Units page, you will see the inherited value with a purple dot indicator.

Letters & Forms – Start Again button

We have removed the 'Start Again' button from the Letters & Forms page. To start again, you will now need to refresh the page or click the Letters & Forms menu item.

Victorian Claims File Importer

We have updated the Claims Payment Import screen when importing Skills Victoria files. The SMS now supports the latest format of the Payment History Details file that can be exported from SVTS (as delivered in SVTS Release v15.3). 

When exporting the Payment History Details file from SVTS, ensure the file downloaded excludes GST amounts (the Export Details to CSV file).

Victorian Claims Reporting – Training Contract Identifier improvements

Improvements have been made to the reporting of non-Apprentices and Trainees in Victorian Claims. When the Funding Source State code is NOT flagged as 'Apprenticeship' or 'Traineeship', two fields in the NAT120 file will automatically be made blank:

  • 'Training Contract Identifier'
  • 'Client Identifier - Apprenticeships'

To support this change, some additional improvements have been made to the SMS:

  1. On the Funding Source State configuration page (Setup > Compliance Data > Funding Source State), the existing 'Traineeship' field has been relabelled 'Apprenticeship / Traineeship'. Help text has been added to the edit page to explain the effect of selecting this field.
  2. Current Victorian Funding Source State codes that flagged as 'Apprenticeship' or 'Traineeship' in the Victorian Reporting Guidelines have now been flagged as 'Apprenticeship / Traineeship' in the SMS. The Victorian Funding Source state codes updated are:
        L - Skills First mainstream funding (AQF Qualifications)
        ASL - Asylum Seeker VET Program
        RSL - Regional and Specialist Training Fund
        SPL - Specific Purpose
        Z70 - Interstate Apprentices/Trainees (other than NSW registered Apprentices at TAFE Institutes)
        Z75 - NSW Registered Apprentices at Victorian TAFE Institutes
  3. A new AVETMISS warning has been added when saving a Training Contract Identifier to a unit that has a Funding Source State code that is not 'Apprenticeship' or 'Traineeship'. This warning will appear on the Units page (via the existing warning icon) and during the Warning page of Victorian Claims Reporting.

Funding Source State Inheritance Indicator

Improvements have been made to the display of the Funding Source State field on an enrolment’s Claims / Funding page to make it clearer when this has been inherited from the course.

When the enrolment does not have a Funding Source State set, but a Funding Source State is inherited from the enrolment’s course, the Funding Source State will now display in purple with the purple dot inheritance indicator.

NSW ACE Reporting

Changes have been made to NSW ACE Claims Reporting to meet changes to reporting requirements. 

In the Claims Report wizard > AVETMISS (ACE) > Contract page, all NSW contracts are now displayed including NSW Smart and Skilled.

When all contracts are selected and 'Include enrolments without a contract' is ticked, all NSW enrolments with activity in the period are included in the extract.

Claims are not recorded/finalised for any enrolments with a NSW Smart and Skilled contract that are included in the ACE extract. This will continue to be managed via the separate Claims Report wizard > Smart and Skilled report type.


The Enrolment API has been updated to return the reason and other reason data (where applicable) for enrolment-status.

The Enrolment API has been updated to allow the Enrolment Status Reason and Other Reason to be set or updated on an enrolment.

The Reference API has been updated to include reasons for enrolment-status.

The Subject API returns custom content information (ad-hoc fields) in the response data.

A new English Test endpoint (GET /webservice/parties/{party_identifier}/english_test) has been created to return the recorded English test results for a given party.


31544 If you have an enrolment that is missing a core unit of study, we now allow you to add that unit of study through the Electives page.

31603 Fixed the issue where the AVETMISS report extracts student Client record in NAT00080 file for an enrolment with only Non-Reportable outcomes without a corresponding training record in the NAT00120.

31811 Fixed an issue where the user creating certificates in bulk was not recorded.

31166 – An issue affecting the display of errors in Moodle batch logs was fixed.

31816 We have fixed an issue with the eCAF integration where it could have an unexpected error if one of the party records was missing data.

30171 We have fixed an issue with the Enrolment Unit page for students with a Hold applying to the enrolment where it was clearing pre-existing outcomes incorrectly.

30403 We have fixed an issue with the MAC Units page where it cleared pre-existing outcomes incorrectly.

31164 – We have fixed an issue with the Course Application Kanban view having unexpected empty columns when you have more than one page of course applications. The first 'page' will now fill columns and any overflow will be available through the pagination controls.

31451 – We have fixed an issue with the 'Party Application Status Change' trigger for Party Forms where Automations with this trigger were not working.

31522 – We have fixed an issue with Payment Options that have an invoicing frequency of 'Quarterly', 'Half-Yearly', or 'Yearly' was resulting in a single invoice instead of multiple invoices at the desired frequency interval.

31865 – We have fixed an issue when recording attendance for an Event where in some scenarios an 'Absence' attendance was not being recorded correctly.

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