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Powered by aNewSpring, Ready LMS enables educators to personalise learning based on individual student goals and results, and maximise peer-to-peer learning through group activities and online communication tools. Customised to comply with Australian industry standards for the vocational education and training (VET) sector, we’re helping education providers to confidently evolve their offering and boost student learning outcomes..

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Q. Can I try Ready LMS for myself prior to purchasing?  

A. Absolutely! We can easily set up a demo instance for you to have a try of the platform prior to purchasing. Please reach out via this form and request a demo instance to be set up.

Q. How easy is it to get started with Ready LMS?

A. Once your demo instance is it set up, if you decide to go ahead with Ready LMS, our team can quickly convert your demo instance into a production environment. From an onboarding perspective, you will have the ability to regularly meet with subject matter experts and leverage on-demand onboarding videos within the platform.


Q. Will the AI integration, Coassemble be part of ReadyLMS or available as an add-on?

A. When launched, Coassemble will be available as an optional add-on to the Ready LMS platform.


Q. Where does the Coassemble integration draw information from when generating courses?

A. When you use the Coassemble feature, you will have the option to generate courses using two methods. The first source is from your own content. When using this method, you can upload your own published learning materials (PDFs, Word documents etc) and the tool will generate the course based on this information. The second method is by generating courses from information on publicly available websites. When using this method, it is highly recommended that you verify the output to ensure accuracy of information (we recommend always verifying the output, regardless of method used). 


Q. When creating quizzes in Ready LMS, do the questions self-mark? 

A. Yes! Whether you create your own questions, or use the Coassemble capability to generate questions, the SCORM format allows all questions to be automatically marked within the platform.

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