TCSI File Export Process

All VET Student Loan (VSL) and Higher Education providers that are approved under the TCSI reporting scheme are required to report data for their TCSI Data Collection obligations.

All data is reported in data packets, with each packet comprising of specific data elements. Detailed specifications for each data element are available within our System TSCI Data Elements Mapping Index.

For submission of your files, you will be required to make use of the TCSI portal within the PRODA environment. PRODA requires prior registration as it is utilised as an authentication method.

This article serves to demonstrate the process required to successfully generate your TCSI-specific data.


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How do I export the relevant data?

Be Advised

If a Unit of Study has no recorded Outcome, the Unit of Study record will not be reported

  • To start the export process, click on the Administration tab in the top navigation bar. Select Funding and then TCSI Report.
    Within the area that appears, select the [+]New report button.

  • All you then need to do is select the Start and End Date for the reporting period. Then select 'Next'.
  • Here, you can find a summary of the data to be included in the specified reporting period. Once you are satisfied, select 'Create'.
  • Once the report has been successfully generated, a link to download the report will be made available. To download the report, click on the link.
  • This export can then be processed within the TCSI portal.


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