TCSI Data Elements Mapping Index

In order to best understand where TCSI relevant fields can be found within the system, we have prepared the following itemised tables to communicate where you can locate the appropriate mapped field.

The tables are designed to easily list the referenced fields, showing the mapping from TCSI Element to field location, as per this example:

Element Number

2020 Element Name

Input packet

2019 Element name

Field Name


Provider code

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Higher Education Provider Code

Admin > Configuration>Preferences>VFH/VSL

Header rows will read from left to right:

  • Element Number reflects the ID of the TCSI field as communicated within the TCSI Element List
  • 2020 Element Name reflects the name of the TCSI field as communicate within the TCSI Element List
  • Input Packet reflects the specific Element Structure Input Framework/Packet(s) that this element belongs to
  • 2019 Element Name reflects what name this element may have had prior to the 2020 specifications
  • Field Name reflects the area within the system you can locate this field

The tables can be viewed in the following Help Centre articles:

Please Note

These element mappings are derived from the TCSI Support Centre.
For the full Data Element Dictionary, see
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