USI Configuration

As an education or training provider, you’re required to collect and report your students’ Unique Student Identifier (USI) numbers.

Please Note

To complete the USI Configuration, you will need your System's Administrator and the institutions Principal Authority.

You also need to have completed the USI System Access Request Form.  For details on completing this process, please see the following resource:

To configure the USI Integration, you will need your Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) Code and ABN. Please ensure these details match TGA.

You will also need to ensure you have 

To complete the USI Configuration, follow these steps:

  • Go to AdministrationConfigurationUSI
  • Click, Set-Up


  • Complete the CAA Register window. 


  • Forward the Unique Software ID and Software Provider ABN to your Principal Authority.  


  • The RTOs Principal Authority to Add a Notification to RAM.
  • Once the Notification has been added to RAM by the institutions Principal Authority, click the Validate CSS Setup button.
  • If successful, you will receive the following message: Setup Successfully Validated


You have now successfully configured the Unique Student Identifier (USI) Web Services Integration.

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