Setting Up A Course To Work Within Moodle2021 LMS

Once Moodle2021 has been successfully set up, you can link the integration to a course that is being delivered.

  Required: Add A New Course

This process requires that a Course has been created within your system.


Flagging a Course

You can flag a Course with the SMS to use the Moodle2021 integration.

Start by selecting an existing Course you wish to manage within your system:

On the left, select the Admin heading, and then Integrations:

Click the Settings button under Moodle2021:

This will open the Moodle Integration Settings page for this course.


This first area controls the ability to automatically push information into Moodle.

These items include:

  • Enabled: Controls if the integration is active for this course. Toggling this item to 'off' will stop the regular updates of information from Moodle to this course
  • Allow Export: Allows data to be sent to Moodle, including Course, Staff and Student details
  • Auto push staff: Allows granular control over whether Staff details are automatically sent to Moodle 
  • Auto push students: Allows granular control over whether Student details are automatically sent to Moodle

For information to update within Moodle, it is recommended that these items are set to ON for the integration to function.

Moodle Course Mappings

The next section displays information regarding the course to be associated with a Moodle course.

This area has two specific items, to configure:

  • Course: Using the Moodle Link dropdown item you can specify if this course is to be linked to an existing Moodle Course item, or use Create New to action the creation of a new Moodle Course.
  • Subjects/Units: Used for granular configuration of Units of Study/Units to a Moodle Course. As above, you can either link to an existing Moodle Course item or use the Create New option to action the creation of a new Moodle Course.
Note: In most cases, linking at the Course Level should be appropriate. 

Linking to Moodle

To clarify on some of the behaviours that occur when using the different Moodle linking items, please refer below.

  • When Selecting 'Link Existing' 
    • When selected, this shows existing Moodle courses within a searchable list.  
    • This list contains all active Moodle courses, allowing you to select which course to link the course/subject/unit to. 
    • The Moodle category field is hidden in this case, as it wont be necessary.
  • When Selecting 'Create New'
    • When selected, the Moodle course field will allow a text input with the course/subject/units name. This will then be the name of the new course created in Moodle.
    • You can either choose to leave the default course name or edit it as you require. 
    • Moodle Category will be populated by the Moodle LMS category list. A user must select which category the course will be placed into when creating a new course

Linked Status 

The far right column indicates the status of the course/subject/units status with Moodle. 




This icon indicates that the entity has not been linked to Moodle and no attempt has been made to link 


This icon indicates the entity has a successful link to a Moodle record. Hovering will display which course. 



This icon indicates that an error occurred while trying to link the entity to a Moodle course. Hovering the icon will show the error message.


The Resulting area controls how/when a party record will receive an outcome within the SMS, based on details retrieved from Moodle.

You have the option to select if a student must complete all activities within a Moodle course or a specific set of activities before the Unit/Subject receives an outcome.

  • When Selecting 'Course Complete'
    • If selected a student must complete every Moodle activity in the linked course. If a student completes part of the course, the unit/subject will be marked with the Commenced outcome set in the resulting section (if configured).
    • If a student completes all of the activities and the Unit/Subject has either a blank outcome or an Updatable outcome the unit/subject will be updated with the Passed outcome 
  • When Selecting 'Activities Complete'
    • If selected, the Moodle Activities column will allow you to select all listed gradable activities configured within the Moodle Course. You can then select which specific activities need to be completed within the Moodle Course for the Unit/Subject to obtain an outcome.
    • If a student completes part of the selected activities, the Unit/Subject will be marked with the Commenced outcome.
    • If a student completes all of the selected activities, and the Unit/Subject has a blank outcome - a Passed outcome will be applied.


The Participants section allows you to review and distribute Staff and Student records to Moodle. This process will allow creation of a Moodle user account, as well as enrol the party record into the configured Moodle course.

Note: An Email is required for any party records processed from this area.

Party data that will be sent to Moodle includes:

  • Email (Set as Username)
  • First Name
  • Surname (Entered as a '-' for any single name party records)
  • Party Identifier

Moodle User Creation

When a Student/Staff member is enrolled into a Moodle item, a user account will be created for them. They will then receive an email from their Moodle system detailing their login information.

Here is an example of an email the user will receive from their Moodle system:

Hi John,

A new account has been created for you at 'Moodle Site' and you have been issued with a new temporary password.

Your current login information is:


Password: password

(You will be required to change your password upon login)

To start using 'Moodle Site', login at https://<your-details>

In most mail programs, this should appear as a blue link which you can click on – if that doesn't work, copy and paste the address into the top of your web browser window.

Cheers from the 'Moodle Site' administrator.


Within the Assessment Centre of the course, you will be able to view any associated staff.

Any assessor with a ticked Assignment checkbox will display in the Moodle Participants Staff section - allowing them to be exported to Moodle as a teacher record.

Not Enrolled Tab

This tab serves to display all staff and students who are yet to be enrolled in at least one of the linked Moodle courses.

Ticking the relevant boxes within this panel can action an attempt to enrol the Staff or Student into the linked Course, Unit of Study or Units referenced in Moodle.

Enrolled Tab

This tab displays all Staff and Students that have been successfully exported to Moodle.

  • Checking the checkbox next to Staff or Students will select all currently linked enrolments for the relevant section and on save unenrol the party from all checked items. 
  • Checking the checkbox next to a parties name will select all courses that this specific party is enrolled in and pressing on save will unenrol the party from all checked items 
  • Clicking on the arrow to the left of the party name will expand the linked courses section.  
  • This section displays all of the courses the party is enrolled in. These are divided into types Course, Units of study, units. 
  • Checking the box next to any of these entities will unenrol the party from just this specific Moodle course.

Warning: Once a record has been created in Moodle, their details will persist even if they are unenrolled.

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