Process: Resetting A Lost Or Forgotten Password

If an individual within your JR Plus system has forgotten their password or requires it to be reset for accessing portals, you can action a Reset Password Process to allow them to choose a new password via a link within an email.

  Required: Reset Password Email Preferences

For this option to function properly it may require configuration within your System Preferences

Note: Passwords within JR Plus are not displayed as text to adhere to strict security standards.

Reset Password from User Profile

  1. Locate the Party Record that requires a Password reset via Search or within the Community menu options that are available:
  2. Next, Edit the Party Record:
  3. The Login Credentials section offers a Reset button:
  4. This will send an email to the Party with a link to reset to begin the Password Reset Process.

Password Reset Email

Using an existing template within your system, the email received should be quite similar to the following:

Hi <User>,

A request to reset your password has been provided.

To reset your password, please click the link below and follow the on-screen instructions:

http://<details>.<system domain>.com/user/password_reset/<password-reset-key>

The above link will remain valid for 2 hours.

If you did not request this action, please notify the system administrator of your RTO.

Once this process has been completed by the individual, they will be able to login to a portal using their newly selected password.

Note: The password link will be generated as a unique item for this request only, and will expire after two hours and become invalid.
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