Student Portal Overview

The Student Portal is a Self-Service portal that allows students to access some use functionality, along with some information on their enrolments and courses. In this article, we go over the items in the dashboard and provide some information on each of them.


Check if the Student Portal is Enabled

To check if you have the Student Portal enabled, go to Help → About.

Scroll down until you see the Self-Service heading, if it says Yes next to Student then the Student Portal is activated on your site.


You will need to contact ReadyTech support if you need to enable the Student Portal.

Providing a Student with Access to the Student Portal

To provide a student with access to the Student Portal. Go to their party profile and click on the Edit button.

Scroll down until you see the Login Credentials heading and check the Student Access checkbox. Give them a Username and click on the Reset button, this will send a password reset email to their primary email address.

After Logging In

The student will be presented with the Dashboard to the Student Portal upon logging in. 


It is highly recommended that you enable the New Dashboard before proceeding. The rest of this article assumes that you have it enabled

We will go through each menu item and give a summary on each page.


There might be different items on this page, this depends on your Student Portal Preferences. Make sure you configure the Student Portal before allowing students to access it.


Chat allows the student to send messages to their Trainer. They can chat with anyone that is set as a Trainer for the course.

Trainers can check their messages by logging in and checking their notifications at the top right of the screen, they can also be viewed under Communications → Chat.


This page will display all the courses that the student is enrolled in. Clicking on the name of any course on this page will bring up the enrolment details. 


This is where the student can submit and view their applications. This is mostly used for course applications but can also be used for service applications if they are enabled.

Click on the Apply button to bring up the course form.


If documents have been made available for the student, they will be available to view and download here. 

To make a document available for the student in the Student Portal, go to the Documents page for their party profile.

Click on the Edit button next to the document and scroll down until you see the Portal checkbox. Check the box and click on the Save button.

This will allow the student to access the document from the Student Portal.


Any events that the student is set to attend will be displayed on this page. They can view the details for the events and find any events that they might need to attend in the future.

This page will contain links to websites that have been added in the settings for Self Service Portals. 

To add new links to this page, go to Administration → Configuration → Preferences. 

Click on Self-Service Portals.

Click on the General tab then click on the Edit button. 

You can add another entry to the Useful Links list by clicking on the Plus button and filling out the details.


This page contains some party details for the student (such as their Name, Contact Details, USI, etc). If the student has any contacts, then they can be viewed by clicking on the Contacts tab. The Edit button will allow the student to edit some of their party profile details.


Allowing a student to edit this page can result in critical AVETMISS details being changed. 

Please review the Permissions in Student Portal Preferences to ensure that the correct settings are enabled.


Shows all the enrolments for the student and the attendance rate for each of them. Selecting any of these enrolments will take you to the page with the enrolment details.  


If you have Services enabled and the student is using one of the services, it will be listed on this page. Clicking on the Eyeball icon next to the service will bring up the details. 


This page allows students to upload assignments against a unit. They can select the Course and Unit that the assignment will be submitted for.


Any file notes that have the Show in Student Portal checkbox enabled can be viewed on the Messages page by the student.


If the student has any outstanding invoices, they can be viewed here. Payments can be made for the invoice through the Student Portal if you have Allow Payments enabled


The student’s Employer will appear on this page, along with the details for the employer’s company. 


If the student has any Feedback forms assigned to their party profile, they can be viewed here. Clicking on a form will allow them to fill it out and submit it for review by staff.

 Additional Reading

Here is some additional reading on the Student Portal:

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