Process: Submit an Assignment using the Student Portal

The Student Portal allows students to submit assignments for their enrolments. This article will go over the process of submitting an assignment as a student.


The Dashboard


The student will need to be able to log into the Student Portal before they can proceed. Make sure they have the link to your website and that their party profile has access enabled to the Student Portal.

The student will be presented with the dashboard to the Student Portal. They will need to click on the Assignments tile to go the page.

This will bring up the Assignment Submission page. 

Submitting the Assignment

On the Assignment Submission page, there will be some fields available for the student to select for the assignment.

First step is to select the course that the student would like to submit the assignment for. 

Click on the dropdown menu next to Course and a list of enrolments for that student should appear.

Select the correct enrolment for the assignment.

Next, the student will need to select the specific unit that the assignment needs to be submitted towards.

Click on the dropdown menu next to Unit and a list of units within the enrolment selected above should appear.

Choose the correct unit for the assignment.

A name needs to be entered into the Name field to submit the assignment. This is mostly for record keeping purposes, so anything can be entered as long as it makes the assignment submission identifiable for staff.

Now the student will need to upload the actual assignment file. Click on the Choose File button and select a file to upload.

If the student clicks on the Plus button, another field to upload a file will appear. This allows the student to attach multiple files as part of their assignment submission.

The student will need to make sure that all the fields above are accurate and that they have uploaded the correct files.

Once everything has been reviewed, click on the Upload button.

You have now submitted an assignment via the Student Portal.

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