Process: Submit a Course Application using the Student Portal

The Student Portal allows students to apply for course and keep track of their application. This article will cover the process of applying for a course.


You will need to have course forms attached to your courses before proceeding: 


The Dashboard


The student will need to be able to log into the Student Portal before they can proceed. Make sure they have the link to your website and that their party profile has access enabled to the Student Portal.

The student will be presented with the dashboard to the Student Portal. They will need to hover over the Applications tile to bring up the options.

Hovering over the tile will give the student the option of creating a new application or viewing their submitted applications.

Click on the New button to start creating a new course application.


If your site has Services enabled, a window will appear that gives the student the option of creating a course application or a service application.

Course List

This page will contain a list of courses that are available to apply for. Clicking on the Apply button next to a course will take the student to the course form attached to that course.

Applying for the Course

The form for the course will be brought up. Some of the fields might be pre-filled, this depends on the fields that are used in the course form and whether the corresponding field has been filled already on the student’s party profile.


Please keep in mind that any party details that are submitted by a student via a course form will change the corresponding fields at their party profile. 
This could potentially lead to errors if the student changes any critical AVETMISS fields.

Once the student has submitted their course application, staff will need to review it by going to Courses → Applications and viewing the student’s application.

Viewing Submitted Course Applications

Students can view the status of their course applications by hovering over the Applications tile in the dashboard and clicking on Submitted.

This will bring up a page with the student’s course applications. 

Clicking on the course name will display some details for the course applications, the student can also withdraw their application if they wish by clicking on the Withdraw Application button. 

This will allow the student to give a reason for withdrawing their application. Once the withdrawal goes through, the course application Status will be set to Withdrawn.

 Additional Reading

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