Process: Removing Core Units From an Enrolment

After you have created an enrolment, you may want to remove some Core units after it has been finalised. This article will go over the process of removing Core units from an enrolment.


Changing the Unit Type

Under normal circumstances, it is not possible to remove Core units from an enrolment. You will need to change them to Elective units at the Program level to achieve this.

To easily get to the Program level of the enrolment that you would like to change, go to the enrolment and click on the link to the Program.

Click on the Units option on the left side of the page.

There will be a list of units that are used in courses under this Program. You will need to change the Type to Elective on the units that you would like to remove from the enrolment.

Click on the Edit button to make changes to the units in the Program.

Change the Type on the desired units to Elective and click on the Save button.

Removing the Units from the Enrolment

Now that the desired units have been changed to Electives, they can be removed from the enrolment. 

Go back to the enrolment page and hover over the More tab, click on Electives.

This page will contain all Elective units are part of the enrolment, click on the Edit button.

There will a list of Available units and a list of Selected units. The ones under the Selected heading are the units that will be part of the enrolment. 

The units that you changed to Electives will be under the Selected heading. Check the box next to each unit that you would like to remove and click on the Arrow button pointing to the left.

This will remove the units from the enrolment. Click on the Save button to save the changes.

The units should now be removed from the enrolment.


It is highly recommended that you change the units back to Cores once you have completed this process. Not doing so could result in disruptions to your enrolment process. 

 Additional Reading

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