Process: Updating the Units in a Course

At some point, you may need to make changes to the units in a course. In this article, we will go over the process of updating the units in a course. 


Finding the Program for the Course 

Courses will inherit their units directly from the Program level. If you want to update the units in a course, you will need to edit them at the Program level. 

Go to the Program for the Course that you would like to edit, this can be done by going to the Course page and clicking on the link to the Program.

Click on the Units option on the left side panel.

This will bring up a list of units in the Program. From here, you can add new units to the Program or existing ones. We will cover both processes in this article.


The changes made to the units at the Program level will apply to the all Courses under that Program.

Adding New Units to the Program

To add new units to your Program, click on the New button.

This will bring up a list of units in your system. Use the Search function to find the specific units that you would like to add to the Program. 

There will be a Core and Elective button next to each unit displayed on this page. Clicking on either button will add the unit to the Program as the type selected. 

Once you have added the desired units, click on the Done button.

The units should now be in the list of units in the Program, and they should be available at the Course level. 


Any units that are added to the Program will not be added to enrolments into the Courses under that Program. 

Editing Existing Units in a Program

To edit existing units in a Program, click on the Edit button. 

This will bring up a page that will allow you to edit the unit details.

  • Type: Sets if a unit is a Core, Elective or Stream Core.
  • Enabled: Checkbox that sets if the unit is enabled or not.
  • Order: You can set the order for how the units appear at the Course and Enrolment level.
  • Term/Year: Sets the term or year that the unit is meant to be completed within. 
  • More Details Button: Clicking on this expands the unit to reveal more options for the unit
    • Delivery Mode: Sets the default Delivery Mode for the unit
    • Assessment Method: Sets the default Assessment Method for the unit
  • Delete Button: Clicking on this will remove the unit from the Program.

Once you have made your edits to the units, click on the Save button. 

The edits made to the units should be reflected at the Course level. 

 Additional Reading

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