Enrolment List Overview

The Enrolment List page can be used to quickly make changes to specific enrolments in your system. In this article, we will go over the functions available on the Enrolment List page.


The Enrolment List can be accessed by going to Courses → Enrolment List. 

The page will not display any enrolments at first. You will need to search for specific enrolments by using the search function, alternatively you can click on the Search button while the search field is blank to display all enrolments in your system. 

Enrolment List Functionality

There are a couple of functions available to you once you have enrolments listed on this page. 

  • New Button: This will take you to the Enrolment Wizard to create a new enrolment.
  • Export Button: This will create a CSV file that lists data for all enrolments that are shown in the search results.
  • Field Selection: Allows you to select the information that is shown along with each enrolment (Party ID, Start Date, Enrolment Status, etc).

Each enrolment will have two buttons next to it:

  • Edit Button: Takes you directly to the Edit page for the enrolment.
  • Disable Button: This will disable the enrolment, preventing it from being displayed in some areas of the system and in government reporting.

Bulk Actions

The Bulk Actions menu can be used to interact with multiple enrolments at once. Clicking on the Bulk Actions button will make a checkbox appear next to each enrolment on the list. 

Clicking on the arrow next to the Bulk Actions button will reveal the actions that you can make.


You will need to have at least one enrolment selected to use any Bulk Actions options.

  • Email: You can send an email to multiple students as once. You can select an email template or attach a file if desired.
  • SMS: Allows you to send an SMS to multiple students at once, this functionality is covered in this article. 
  • Enrolment Status: You can set the Enrolment Status for each selected enrolment.
  • Party Tags: Allows you to apply a Tag to the party profile associated with each selected enrolment. 
  • Party Properties: Allows you to apply a Property to the party profile associated with each selected enrolment.
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