Total VET Activity (National AVETMISS) Overview

Once each year, all RTOs are required to collect specific data from their students and report their academic activity to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER).

In this article, we will go over how to extract this data from your system and what you need to be aware of when you submit it.


What Needs To Be Collected And Reported

You will need collect all TGA accredited training activity and student information that is relevant for the previous calendar year, this data then needs to be reported to NCVER.

The data that needs to be collected includes:

  • Nationally Reported Training Activity
  • State Specific Training Activity
  • Some student information

How To Generate The Data Submission

To generate an AVETMISS submission for total VET activity, go to Administration → Funding and click on AVETMISS Reporting.

This will bring you to the first step of the AVETMISS Wizard. The process of generating the report is mostly the same as you would do normally and you will need to ensure that the generation includes all data for the reporting period.

Ensure that the Activity Year is set to the year that you need to report your data for. 


Your reporting body might have different requirements for submitting data, it is advised that you check some of the settings on this page to ensure that the correct data is extracted.

If you are not sure on how to generate an AVETMISS extract, there is an article covering this process.

Checking For Errors

When you go to do an AVETMISS extract in your system, you can check it for Warnings by clicking on the Check for Warnings button.

This will start a batch job to check the extract for warnings. Some of the warnings generated may not require amendment and can be safely ignored. 

To get the true error list, you will need to submit your data to NCVER and get the list of errors from them. This is best practice as the errors provided by NCVER will be the ones that block you from submitting the data.

Common Errors

When submitting data to NCVER, you can retrieve an error list detailing any errors present within your submission.

Here are some common errors that you may see in the error list:

  • End Date Errors
    Issues with the end dates of units crop up pretty frequently. This usually due to missing unit information or incorrect unit information.
    • Resolve this by checking the units in the affected enrolments. Additional unit information can be revealed by clicking on the Advanced button next to the unit. 
    • It is also advised that you check the End Date for the enrolment. If the enrolment End Date doesn't have a year within the Activity Year, it will not appear in the NAT files and can lead to errors.
  • Funding Source Errors
    Funding Source errors can occur if the incorrect ones are selected, they can be applied at the enrolment level or at the individual unit level.
    • If you get any errors relating to Funding Source, check the Funding Source National and Funding Source State fields at the enrolment level and the unit level.
  • Parchment and Date Completed Errors
    There could be some issues with how Qualification completions and Issue Date.
    • This can occur when a Statement of Attainment is being included in the AVETMISS files as part of a Qualification completion. Uncheck the Reportable tickbox for the SOA if it does not need to be reported. 

Contacting Support For More Assistance

If you are still getting errors back and aren’t sure on how to resolve them, you can contact our helpful support team.

When making a request, it will be very helpful to include the following:

  • Details on the AVETMISS errors that you may be receiving 
  • AVETMISS Error list, these are usually provided to you by the reporting body in the form of a PDF or Spreadsheet
  • A copy of the NAT files that you submitted 
  • Any solutions that you have attempted before submitting the request. 


When is the deadline for submitting this data?

NCVER recommends that data is submitted by the 28th of February or the last business day of the month.

What if I missed the submission deadline?

You will need to contact NCVER client support for directions on what to do next. 

Contact Us - NCVER

What should I do if I have no data to submit?

You will need to submit a ‘nil return’ to NCVER if you don’t have any training activity to report. 

How to Submit a Nil Return - NCVER

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