Session 3 - Curriculum Management


This article contains all information and resources required for Session 3 of the Onboarding Education training series. In this session, you will be introduced to the  idea of curriculum hierarchy within your SMS. You will learn about the different types of programs and units available within the system so you can effectively create the correct curriculum for your organisation.    

 Document Resource

A PDF of the slides for this session is available to download:

Figure 1. Session placement in workflow.

Topics Covered

  1. Curriculum overview

  2. Creating programs

  3. Creating units

  4. Entry requirements

Session Recording


  • Introduction - 00:00
  • Training Overview - 01:12
  • Curriculum Overview - 02:37
  • Creating Programs & Units - 09:37
  • Entry Requirements Overview - 23:08
  • Creating and Viewing Entry Requirements - 29:18
  • Reference Data - 33:49
  • Summary - 35:45
  • Action Items - 36:08

Consulting Sessions

If you wish to complete this session with an education consultant, you can  book a paid one on one session here: [not currently available]

Session Resources

To complete this session, you will require the following resources. Please be mindful that the majority of sessions are more valuable if you have completed the previous sessions in the workflow (see figure 1).

Physical Resources
1Access to your SMS, including URL, username and password
2An outline of your training plans
  • e.g. your core and elective selections for each qualification
  • any entry requirements for your qualifications
SMS Setup
3You system will need to be set up according to the actions items in Session 1 and 2
4Your academics/trainers must be added to your system (Community > Staff menu) as covered in Session 1
Prerequisite Knowledge and Understanding
5Basic site navigation skills

Session Outcomes/Action Items

Following the session, we recommend you complete the following action items. This will assist in enabling you to set up your Student Management System correctly, as well as prepare you for the next and future training sessions.  

  • Add, if necessary, a 'Trainer TBA' staff member as a placeholder for unassigned programs

  • Add all programs and units into your SMS

  • Add any entry requirements to your programs

Additional Resources

The following resources provide additional support and information relating to this session.


  • Do we have to use entry requirements?
    No, this is an optional feature. 
  • We run accredited and non-accredited programs. Can we set them up in the same SMS?
    Yes, you can. Use VET Lookup to set up the accredited programs, and New Programs to set up the non-accredited programs. Be sure to check the 'Report' box for any programs that need to be reported. 
  • Can you delete a program?
    No, programs cannot be deleted. You will have to go in and disable the Program so it cannot be used in the system. Administration > Curriculum > Programs > select your Program > edit > uncheck enabled
  • Can you re-order your units
    Yes, you can re-order, or give an ordering system to units. Administration > Curriculum > Programs > select your Program > Units > edit (the add/changes numbers in the 'order' column)
  • Can you automate entry requirements? (e.g. have they met the entry requirements list on TGA or our specific requirements)
    No, you will need to check these manually using or speaking to your compliance manager. These can then be added manually using the steps outlined in the session recording. 
  • Do I have to use entry requirements?
    No, this is an optional feature some organisations find useful. It is specifically design to work with our Online Enrolments process (Session 5). If you are not using Online Enrolment, you will need to manually check entry requirements based on your organisation's workflow. 
  • I have already created the Program, and I need to add additional units. When I search for them I can't find them. What's going on? 
    In order to add Units to a Program after it's been created, first, add the to the system (if not already created) Administration > Curriculum > Units > add new. 
    After you've added the unit to the system, you'll be able to add the unit to the Program. 
  • I use a third party LMS. Do I still need to set up my Curriculum and Courses within the SMS? 
    Yes. Typically you will need to still setup your Courses within the SMS to mirror your Courses within the LMS as the LSM will not create your Programs/Units/Courses structure in the SMS.

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