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This article contains all information and resources required for Session 4 of the Onboarding Education training series. In this session, you will expand upon the knowledge you built in Session 3 to creating courses in preparation for student enrolments. The concept of events is also covered in detail. 

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A PDF of the slides from this session is available to download:

Figure 1. Session placement in workflow. 

Topics Covered 

  • Course creation
  • Viewing/managing existing courses

  • Course duplication

  • Events

  • Enrolment demonstration (manual)

Session Recording


  • Introduction - 00:00
  • Training Overview - 1:16
  • Courses Overview - 2:37
  • Course Creation - 8:04
  • Events Overview - 15:46
  • Creating Events for an Individual Party - 23:32
  • Creating Events on a Course - 26:33
  • Creating Event Series - 27:39
  • Manual Enrolments Overview - 32:41
  • Manual Enrolment Demonstration - 35:12
  • Summary & Action Items - 41:37

Consulting Sessions 

If you wish to complete this session with an education consultant, you can book a paid one on one session here: [not currently available] 

Session Resources

To complete this session, you will require the following resources. Please be mindful that the majority of sessions are more valuable if you have completed the previous sessions in the workflow (see figure 1).

Physical Resources
1Access to the SMS, including URL, username and password
SMS Setup
Site setup completed, including: 
  • RTO details
  • Locations
  • Funding contracts (if required)
Curriculum management setup including: 
  • Programs
  • Units
Prerequisite Knowledge and Understanding
A basic understanding of system navigation

Session Outcomes/Action Items

Following the session, we recommend you complete the following action items. This will assist in enabling you to set up your Student Management System correctly, as well as prepare you for the next and future training sessions.

  • Add all your courses into your system

  • Create an individual party event

  • Create the events associated with the courses (be mindful of single vs event series)

  • test

Additional Resources

The following resources provide additional support and information relating to this session.


  • Why can't I see the Course I want to add when looking at the list that shows which Programs I can create a Course from?  
    It's likely that you haven't set up the Program for the Course you want. Go back and watch Session 3 to make sure you have set up the Program (and enabled it) first. 
  • Why can I not see or add the units I want during Course creation?
    It's likely that you have not set up your units correctly when you created the Program. Go back and watch Session 3 to make sure you have done this step (creating units) within the Program step. 
  • We don't really want to mark attendance, or have an external system that does this. Do I still need to put Events in for all my Courses?  
    No, Events is an optional feature. You can use them your organisation requires, but the system will function without them.  
  • My Course is finished (end date passed) and all the enrolments have been completed (with appropriate end dates). Why is my Course still in the Course list as active? 
    It's likely that you've set this Course to manual close when you created the Program. To manually close the Course, go into the Course and check "Close Course" Courses > Course List > select Course > Details > edit > Settings > Close Course.
    To check this, or change it, at the Program level for the future, find the Program the Course was created from Administration > Curriculum > Program > click required program > Details > Settings section. You can change the future Course closing feature here if desired. 
  • I use a third party LMS. Do I still need to set up my Curriculum and Courses within the SMS? 
    Yes. Typically you will need to still setup your Courses within the SMS to mirror your Courses within the LMS as the LSM will not create your Programs/Units/Courses structure in the SMS. 
  • I can't select anyone under the Resources section when creating a Course (e.g. can't select Coordinator, Assessor, Academic etc).
    You can only select people that you have set up within the Program for that Course. You will need to edit the Program to have the Trainers/Admin added so they can be selected on the Program level. 
  • When I created my Program, I didn't assign Academics. Then I created a Course and it will not let me enrol a students and it's not letting me select the Course from the list. Is says "no academic." Why can't I select this Course from the list? 
    You must have at least one staff member assigned to the Program. You will need to go back to the Program and assign a staff member. Once a staff member has been assigned at the Program level you can enrol people into the Course. 
  • I would like to use bulk enrolment, however can't add additional student details during bulk enrolment. How can I get around this? 
  • You can enter those details by going into the student's party record after completing the enrolment. Individual information can then be updated within that record. The information doesn't have to be entered at the time of enrolment. 

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