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Your system can make use of many fields for use within dynamic templates. To assist with identifying the purpose of fields, a series of articles have been created to serve as an index for the fields you may require – detailing Field Names, Feature Entities and the System Location of these items. These are displayed in a table format to efficiently list the collected fields available.

Hovering over a row within the table will highlight the item to display all related information for the Template Field.

An example of the table formatting is as follows:

abnParty ABNParty profile > Details 
Note: shows ABN listed on details page and not what is displayed in international settings
contact_emailParty Primary EmailParty profile > Details

Header rows will read from left to right:

  • NAME OF FIELD reflects the internal name of the field within the system.
  • RELEVANT ENTITY reflects the specific field element that is utilised.
  • SYSTEM LOCATION/NOTES displays a navigation path to where the field is found to be relevant within your system. Special behaviours and details are displayed via an inset Note item.

The tables can be viewed in the following Help Centre articles:

Please Note

These Template Field Mappings may receive updates and changes as the system receives new fields and functionalities.
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