Process: Verifying a Student’s USI

It is essential that your system can verify a student’s USI (Unique Student Identifier) once they commence training at your organisation. In this article, we will go over the process verifying a USI for a student. 



You must have the USI Web Services integration enabled on your system, otherwise you will not be able to verify USIs. Refer to these articles if you need assistance with this: 

Where to Find the Student’s USI

The USI field is available on the party profile for the student. Go to the party profile and click on the Edit button.

Scroll down until you see the Unique Student Identifier section of the party profile. There will be a field where you can enter the USI and a Verify button next to it.


If the student is an International Student, they will need to have specific values entered on the party page.

The USI field will need to have "INTOFF" entered and the Post Code field needs to have "OSPC" entered. When you save the changes, the USI will be verified for this student

Click on the Verify button to bring up the USI verification page.


USI Verification Process

The USI verification page has a few fields that need to be filled in. The information here will be cross-checked against the USI database.

This page will be automatically filled with details from the party profile if they exist.

  • USI: The USI for the student 
  • First Name: The student’s first name 
  • Family Name: The student’s family name/surname
  • Date of Birth: The date of birth for the student


If the student has one name, you can check the Only one name? box. This is replace the First Name and Family Name fields with a single Name field.

Once the information has been entered into the page, click on the Verify button. Your system will send the details to USI Web Services for verification. 

If any of the details are incorrect, the affected fields will be highlighted red and an error message will appear above the field. You will need to correct the information and click on the Verify button again. 

If verification is successful, a message will appear next to the USI field on the party profile stating that the USI has been verified and the date it was verified.


If any of the fields used to verify the USI are changed on the party profile (First name, Surname, Date of Birth), the USI will need to be verified again. This is shown with an error on the party profile stating that the USI is unverified. 

Verifying USIs in the Course Student List

You can verify USIs for students in a specific course via the student list. To view the student list for a course, go to the course page and click on Students in the sidebar.

This will bring up the active students that are enrolled into the course. The USI column will display the student's USI and an indicator icon for if it is verified or not.

If the student does not have a verified USI, there will be a Cog icon next to their record. Click on the Cog icon to bring up the USI actions menu.

From this menu, you can do one of three things:

  • Verify: this will attempt to verify the USI for the student if it already exists on the party profile. 
  • Create: this will bring up a window that will allow you to create a USI for the student.
  • Edit: this will bring up a window that will allow you to edit the party details for the student and enter a USI if desired.


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