Eway is a reliable and simple payment solution for card payments.


Our Eway integration uses the Rapid API library with the recommended Rest JSON connection and format targeting the Responsive Shared Page endpoints. This approach was chosen as it avoids the burden of having to achieve PCI DSS compliance as the payment process is handled remotely on the Eway system.


The setup for Eway follows a similar procedure as other payment gateways.

  1. Navigate to Administration → Configuration → Preferences:
  2. Select Payment Gateway from the left hand menu:
  3. Click the [+] button to start the process to implement a new Payment Gateway:
  4. The page that appears will display a range of Payment Gateway options available to set up. Locate the Eway item that appears like so:
  5. Pressing the Connect button will open a new window to enter your Eway payment gateway information.

Entering Eway Payment Gateway Details

In the window that appears, you will need to enter your specific Eway gateway details:

For the gateway integration to function, you will need the following information from Eway:

  • Name: Name for the Eway payement gateway in your system.
  • Username: This is a required field for the integration, you may enter anything you want here.
  • Signature (Paypal): You need to enter the API key for your Eway system here.
  • Password: The generated password for your Eway system.
  • Account ID: This is the Eway Customer ID.
    Note: this is not to be confused with the eWay Account Name or eWay Account Number
  • Return URL: The URL that the customer will be redirected to when they complete or cancel the transaction. It is recommended that you put your student management system site URL here. 

To allow Live Payments, both Enable Payment Mode and Enable must be checked.

Enabling the Gateway

Now that you have set up the Eway payment gateway, you will need to enable it in your system Preferences.

  1. Navigate to Administration → Configuration → Preferences:
  2. On the left-hand side, select General:
  3. Click on the Edit button in the top left-hand side of the Preferences area:
  4. Locate the Finance section, and within this area you will have the ability to select a Payment Gateway. Select Eway from the list.
  5. With this done, Eway has now been set as the Default Payment Gateway for use within your system.

Eway In Use

Once the Eway gateway is both set up and enabled, it will function within your course applications.

  1. The payment page of a course application process will appear like so:

  2. Clicking the Pay Now option will load the Payment Gateway for Eway:
  3. The Amount and Currency items are not editable on this page. Pressing Go Back will navigate back to the course application. Once all required details are entered, you can Submit to process the payment.

  Next Steps: Course Form Setup

Now that Eway has been set up globally you can now configure the gateway to work within a Course Form.

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