Merging Two Party Profiles

There might be times when you need to merge two different party profiles together. In this article, we will over the process of merging two party profiles and what you need to look out for.


Why Would You Need to Merge Party Profiles?

There are a few scenarios when merging two party profiles would be beneficial:

  • There are multiple party profiles for one student, which can occur automatically when using course forms.
  • Two party profiles were created for one student by accident.
  • One person has enrolments on multiple party profiles. 

Ensuring that your system is organised will make it easier to manage your student data. Having duplicate party profiles for the same student can lead to unnecessary complications when using the system.

Merging Two Party Profiles Together

Go to the party profile that you would like to keep (the primary party profile) and click on Admin → Merge Parties.

From here, you will need to select the party profile (the secondary party profile) that you want to merge into your primary profile. You can either look through the list of parties that are already there or search for a specific party in the search bar.  


Merging party profiles cannot be undone and the secondary party profile will be deleted after this process is complete. Please take extreme caution before going ahead with the merge. 

After clicking on the Select button, there will be a page outlining what data will be merged into the primary party profile. 

The following data will be merged into the primary party profile that you have elected:

  • Party details
  • Addresses
  • Contacts
  • Identification
  • Properties
  • Pathways
  • AVETMISS data
  • Events
  • Custom fields
  • Enrolments
  • Employer
  • Services
  • File notes
  • Academics/Trainers
  • Documents
  • Invoices
  • Email history 
  • SMS history
  • Contacts

Click on the Merge button to go ahead with merging the two parties. 

This will delete the secondary party profile and move the data mentioned above into the primary party profile.


It is not possible to merge party profiles that are classed as Users, due to the fact that Users cannot be deleted once created. For more information on Users, refer to the Add a User article. 

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