Release 2023.08

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Key Changes

  • New TCSI Notifications for faster data remediation
  • Automatic SmartFees – report for Outstanding Suggestions
  • API improvements (retrieve all subjects related to enrolled units, query VSL Enabled Enrolments)

Planned Release Dates

  • Phase I: Tuesday, 22 August 2023
  • Phase II: Tuesday, 29 August 2023



TCSI Notifications

New integration enables you to see a list of notifications from the TCSI platform directly within JR Plus, without the need to check the TCSI Portal. The page can be used like to a 'to-do' list, letting you check off notifications when actioned.

This functionality is opt-in. To turn it on, navigate to Administration > Configuration > Preferences. Then navigate to Integration > Integrated Systems followed by add or edit TCSI Integration. Tick the Enable Notification Retrieval checkbox.


To view TCSI Notifications, go to Administration > Audit/Logs > Integration Centre > TCSI then select the Notifications tab. This screen displays the TCSI notification and date, a link to the JR Plus record, and a tick icon on the right to mark the notification as actioned.


TCSI Notifications are automatically retrieved each night and can also be refreshed manually. When a CHESSN Allocated notification is received, JR Plus will retrieve the student’s CHESSN from TCSI and automatically update the CHESSN field on the student’s record.

TCSI Notifications are also linked from the enrolment, via the Compliance > VSL / Fee-Help page then the TCSI Status link.

For more information on this functionality, refer to this article: TCSI Notifications


Automatic SmartFees – report for Outstanding Suggestions

There is now a feature for Outstanding Suggestions Report, which allows you to run a report that lists all Automatic SmartFee suggestions that have not been accepted. This is intended to be useful for scenarios where you want to roll over your pricing and need to check that the old pricing has been applied across all your existing enrolments.


New ‘Party ID’ Filter on Feedback form page

We have added a filter option for Party ID to the feedback form page and set it as a default value when navigated to via a party profile.


API Improvements

We now allow you to retrieve all subjects related to enrolled units by using the GET /enrolment_units?include[]=subjects API call. Because a unit can have many subjects, the subject name and code will be returned in an array. If there is no associated subject for that unit then the subjects key will not be present in the API response.

In order to return the subject information, the API user needs to add in include[]=subjects query parameter. By default this will not be included.

The Enrolment API (GET) has been updated to allow a query parameter for VSL Enabled Enrolments. You could retrieve all VSL Enabled Enrolments with the following API endpoint GET /webservice/enrolments?vsl_enabled_enrolments.

Moodle 4.1 SSO

We have updated our Single Sign-On functionality to support Moodle 4.1.

Default Address Format

We have set the default preference for address format to Detailed only. Clients can choose to amend the default address format under Administration > Configuration > Preferences.


29332 We have fixed an error in the Student Portal when clicking on the List All menu option under Forms.

29301 We have fixed an issue that could occur when creating a Credit Note, whereby items were being removed incorrectly from Credit Notes in some rare scenarios where the random internal ID was unusually large.

29257 We have fixed an issue with Smart Fee Pricing Periods where the approval status was not considered correctly in all cases when applying fees.

29203 – We have fixed an issue with Compliance Locks where party records were being incorrectly locked when the Party has Enrolment Record checkbox was unticked.

29149 We have improved the validations in the Payment Importer so that values which are not formed correctly as a number will be rejected.

28728 We have resolved an issue when updating the staff member on a repeating event across an event series would replace existing attendees.

28056 We have resolved an issue where the Export button on the Subject Detail Importer was not immediately accessible to users when viewing validations on pages without an error. The Export button will now be available on all verification pages if an error is present.

28522 We have resolved an issue where trainers could not view the left hand party menu when viewing an enrolment.

29485 – We have resolved an issue where Agent Referral > Prospects are not able to be confirmed even after validation has been done.

29326 We resolved an issue where the menu items could disappear in some situations after a data entry error on the Enrolment > Edit Attendance page.

29305 We have resolved an error where using selected merged fields from system[current user] and party[] generated errors.

29117 We have resolved an issue on the Course Application page where sorting by Applicant or Course columns was not working properly.

28944 We have resolved an issue where the Provider filter on the Communications > Documents page was not working.

28415 – We have resolved an issue where the total number of pages indicated 0 instead of the total page count on any of the reports on the Reports > Summary reports menu.

27932 We have resolved an issue when Academic Periods selected during the bulk enrolment process were not being applied to the enrolments.

27343 We have added a warning message to the Program > Units edit page when you have made unsaved changes and then attempt to perform an action that will cause those changes to be lost.

23934 We have resolved an issue preventing ordering of values when using the heading sort on the Sales > Finance Hub > Family Payments > Create Payments page.

27203 We have updated more references of AAC (Australian Apprenticeship Centre) to AASN (Australian Apprenticeship Support Network) within various parts of the system for greater consistency.

29495 We have corrected the layout of the addresses for Prospects.

29415 We have resolved and issue where the Party’s address State was not updating when amending address.

29556 We have resolved an issue where the address format preferences were not made available when editing existing Parties.

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