Create a Checklist Template

Checklists allow you to efficiently manage tasks and milestones related to students or users. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of creating, customising, and using checklist templates within your system.


What Are Checklists?

Checklists in our system are a specialised form of file notes designed to be attached to a student's party profile. They provide a structured way to keep track of tasks, requirements, and progress throughout different stages of a student's journey.

Creating A Checklist Template

Before you can start using checklists, you need to create a checklist template.

Log in to our system and navigate to Communications → Templates → Party.

On the left side of the screen, under the Notes heading, you'll find the Checklist option. Click on it.

To create a new template, simply click on the Plus button. This will initiate the process of creating a new checklist template.

Fill in the following details for your checklist template:

  • Title: Give your template a descriptive name that reflects its purpose.
  • Status: Choose whether you want the template to be Enabled or Disabled.
  • Content: Provide a brief description of the checklist's purpose and usage.

Tasks: These are the specific items you want to include in the checklist. Click on the Plus button to add another task item to the checklist. 

  • Order: Arrange the tasks in a logical order by assigning numeric values.
  • Name: Name of individual checklist items.
  • Description: Explain what needs to be done to complete each item.
  • Priority: Set the priority level for each item (Low, Normal, or High).
  • Assignee: If necessary, assign specific users responsible for checking certain items.
  • Private: Decide whether only authorised users can view the checklist item.
  • Status: Enable or disable individual checklist items as needed. This will prevent the item from being shown on any new checklists created for a party.

Once all the required details have been filled out, click the Create button. 

Your checklist template is now ready to be put to use. For more information on how to add a checklist to a party profile, refer to the article below

 Additional Reading

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