VIC Program Enrolment Identifier Auto-Update Feature

In Release 10 (available from 17 Oct 2023), we've introduced a feature that streamlines the management of Program Enrolment Identifiers, making your workflow more efficient and compliant. Much like the recently introduced Auto Subject Enrolment Identifiers feature, this enhancement simplifies the process of handling Program Enrolment Identifiers, ensuring accuracy and alignment with SVTS requirements.


  Required: Subject Enrolment Identifier Auto-Update Feature

It is recommended that you read this article, as these two features work in conjunction with each other.

Current Method

Before Release 10, the Program Enrolment Identifier was generated by concatenating the Program Code and the Enrolment Identifier. This identifier is linked to the enrolment and can be located under Enrolment → Claims/Funding → State Specific.

However, this method would pose challenges when reporting the field to SVTS (Skills Victoria Training System), as SVTS mandates generating a new Program Enrolment Identifier when specific fields are modified. These fields include:

  • Party Identifier
  • Course Code
  • Course Commencement Date
  • Purchasing Contract ID

The New Method


The new method is behind the VIC auto-update enrolment identifiers feature flag, please contact ReadyTech Support if you want to have this enabled.

Enabling this feature will also enable Automatic Subject Enrolment Identifiers, refer to this article for more information.

The feature automates the creation and updating of Program Enrolment Identifiers to address these challenges. Here's how it works:

  • Automatic Generation and Updates: The new method will automatically generate and update the Program Enrolment Identifier if any of the previously mentioned fields are modified.
  • Impact on Subject Enrolment Identifiers: If the Program Enrolment Identifier is changed, the units within that enrolment will be issued new Subject Enrolment Identifiers.
  • Concatenation and Hashing: The feature concatenates the specified fields and applies a SHA1 transformation to create the Program Enrolment Identifier. The output value will be presented in hexadecimal format, ensuring each enrolment receives a unique Program Enrolment Identifier.

This was intended to work in conjunction with the Automatic Subject Enrolment Identifiers feature and is behind the same feature flag due to this inherent synergy. 

User Interface Changes

To facilitate a smoother user experience, we are making the following UI changes:

Feature Activation Checkbox: If the feature flag is enabled, a checkbox will appear to allow users to activate the feature for the enrolment. If the checkbox is checked, the Program Enrolment Identifier field will be greyed out, and it will be generated automatically.

Unchecking the box will allow you to manually change the Program Enrolment Identifier if desired.

Conditions for Display: The Program Enrolment Identifier field will only be displayed if the enrolment meets the following conditions:

  • Enrolment is in a course within Victoria.
  • Enrolment contract is within Victoria.
  • Enrolment secondary contract is within Victoria.

Impacts on Existing Data

Enabling this feature will not impact enrolments that meet any of the following criteria:

  • The enrolment contains a Program Enrolment Identifier that has already been reported to the government using the previous method.
  • The enrolment is in a Tasmanian course with a Program Enrolment Identifier.
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