Release 2023.10

Should you have any questions about the latest release, please contact your Client Success Manager or Customer Support via our support centre. 


Key Changes

  • Updated Feature – VIC Auto-Update Enrolment Identifiers
  • New configuration option for streamlined deposit payments
  • Unit-level AVETMISS alerts now appear on the Unit Page    

Planned Release Dates

  • Phase I: Tuesday, 17 October 2023
  • Phase II: Tuesday, 24 October 2023



Updated Feature – VIC Auto-Update Enrolment Identifiers

In the previous 2023.09 release, we added a new feature called VIC Auto-Enrolment Identifiers. 

This feature enabled automated updates to Subject Enrolment Identifiers used in Victorian AVETMISS reporting. In this release, the feature has been extended to include Program Enrolment Identifiers (PEIDs), also used in Victorian AVETMISS reporting.

When enabled, PEIDs will be automatically derived from four key enrolment fields: Party Identifier, Course Code, Course Commencement Date, Purchasing Contract ID. Changes to any of these fields will trigger a new PEID to be automatically generated. Changes to a PEID will also cause a new Subject Enrolment Identifier to be generated for related unit enrolments.

The new functionality to automatically update PEIDs will be applied when the new VIC Auto-Enrolment Identifiers feature is turned on, the enrolment’s state is Victoria, and when the new Auto-Update Program Enrolment Identifier field on the Enrolment > Claims/Funding tab is flagged as Yes.

The PEID will be created at the time of running a Victorian AVETMISS or Claims Report, then stored against the enrolment. This means that for new enrolments, the Program Enrolment Identifier field will be blank until the first reporting run.

Further information on the VIC Auto-Enrolment Identifiers feature can be found in the support article.

To turn this feature on, please contact please contact your Client Success Manager or Customer Support.

Deposit Payments

We have made it easier for our customers to accept payments as deposits. Users will now be able to centrally configure the settings of a standard deposit invoice. When accepting a deposit payment, the system will then automatically generate a corresponding invoice for that payment based on their preferences.

With this feature, we have made several changes and improvements:

30047 - A new category of Deposits has been added to the ledger categories.

30045 - A new Deferred Revenue ledger code of 2300 has been added to the ledger codes table.

30046 – A new payment type of Deposit has been added to the Payment Type table.

30049 - In the Invoices tab of the Finance hub, we have included a filter for Category.

30050 - In the Payments tab of the Finance hub, we have included a filter for payment type.

30102 – In Administration > Configuration > Preferences, there are now default settings for how a deposit invoice will be generated.

30098 – When creating a new payment, there is now an option to select a deposit.

30097 - Payment types of deposits will be calculated on the party balance as a credit amount.


Unit-level AVETMISS alerts now appear on the Unit Page

Alert icons will now appear on an enrolment’s units page if any units have any AVETMISS reporting warnings. Previously, unit level AVETMISS alerts were only available when running AVETMISS or Claims reports. 

On the units page, an alerts icon will now appear in top right-hand corner if any units have an AVETMISS error, displaying a count of the number of units with errors. An icon will also appear next to each unit with an error. 

Selecting the icon will present the AVETMISS warning. 

Employer Portal

We have made changes to the Employer Portal to ensure that parties who log in with their own portal credentials are now being tracked in the audit logs. Previously, all users of the Employer portal were authenticated as the Employer.

API Improvements

We have updated the Prospects API endpoints to include prospect custom fields, the referring agent and the referring employer.

We have updated our Parties endpoint to support an array of the Party Identifiers as a filter parameter. This means that users can now return multiple specified party records in a single call.

Audit Trail Improvements

29881- We have added Template changes to Audit Trail reporting.

New template

Updated template

External Award permissions

We have added a requirement that a user must have permission to create certificates in order to be able to create an External Award from the show enrolment page.

When user has Certificate - party : certificate_* permission assigned.

When user has ONLY Certificates read only - party : certificate_view permission.

When user doesn't have Certificate - party : certificate_* AND Certificates read only - party : certificate_view permission.


API Update: Provider now appears in User API

We’ve made an update to the User API that now displays which Provider each System User has access to. See API Documentation for more details.


USI Exemptions

The USI field will now display an Exempted on (date) label when a valid USI exemption code is saved to the student’s party record. Valid AVETMISS USI exemption codes are INTOFF and INDIV.


28005 - Where there are multiple enrolments that share the same Requisite Units, Units were being recognised as completed outside of the Enrolment the requisite unit that was being graded. This has been fixed and will only apply requisite rules to the specific Enrolment.

29906 - We have resolved an issue in which some addresses populated by a form were not displayed on the party screen.

29273 - Fixed an issue with the Bulk Email where the From field in the Template was not automatically applying the From field in the email in accordance with the value set up on the template.

27726 - Fixed an issue where the Course Applications had applied the Program’s Entry Requirements when it was added after the Courses were created, without selecting it manually in the individual Courses.

27516 - We have resolved an issue in the Mass Action Centre when ratifying or recording signatories where there was undesired behaviour when working through the wizard in non-typical ways.

22651 - We fixed an issue where the user cannot create an invoice without setting the amount manually.

29991 - We have resolved an issue that would prevent the merging of Parties identified by the Duplicate Manager as duplicates, where the capitalisation used in one of the names was not identical.

29983 - We have resolved an issue that prevented searching for documents in the document manager where that document had a name containing Document (or similar).

29974 - We have resolved issues with filtering on the Scheduling > Series page.

29933 - We have resolved an issue that would prevent copying a Unit from the Administration > Curriculum > Units page.

28860 - We have resolved an issue that caused the background attendance task calculator to fail.

28319 - We have resolved a display issue in the Employer Portal that caused attendance data to be shown incorrectly.

28095 - We have resolved an issue that could prevent Students from completing payment in the Student Portal after accepting a Course Application.

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