Employer Portal Overview

The Employer Portal (also known as the Company Portal) allows employers to view the progress of their employees who are undergoing training at an RTO. In this article, we will cover the different features within the Employer Portal.


Check if the Employer Portal is Enabled

To check if you have the Employer Portal enabled, go to Help → About.

Scroll down until you see the Self-Service heading, if it says Yes next to Employer then the Employer Portal is activated on your site.


You will have to contact ReadyTech support if you need to enable the Employer Portal.

Giving Access to the Employer Portal

To give someone access to the Employer Portal, you will need to find the party profile for their Company. You can do this by going to Community → Companies → Employers.

You will be taken to a page that lists all of the Companies that have been flagged as Employers on your site. You can search for a specific one by using the search bar.

Click on the Employer that you would like to assign access, this will take you to their party profile.

Click on the Edit button and scroll down until you see the Login Credentials heading. 

Check the Employer Access checkbox and give them a Login name, click on the Reset button to send a reset password email to the Employer's email address. 

After Logging In

You will be presented with the Dashboard to the Employer Portal upon logging in. 


It is highly recommended that you enable the New Dashboard, the rest of this article will assume that you have it enabled.

You can enable the New Dashboard by going to Administration → Configuration → Preferences → Self-Service Portals → Company.

We will go through each menu item and give a summary on the page.


This will bring up a list of Employees that are currently enrolled in courses.

You can view the party profile for the student by clicking on the student’s name. You can also view more details about the student’s enrolment by clicking on the Eyeball icon.


If you have any courses linked with the Employer’s Company, they can be viewed on this page. Some details for each course will be displayed here (such as Location, Start and End Dates, Active Students, etc.).

Courses can be linked to a company by going to the page for the course you would like to link. Click on the Edit button and scroll down until you see the Company Linked checkbox, check it and a field should appear that will allow you to select the Company.


If you make use of Services on your site, you can view Services that are being used by students on this page. It will show any Services provided by the company that are currently being accessed by students.


Documents that have been uploaded to the Company’s documents page will be available here. 

To make a file available on this page, go to the Company’s party profile and click on Documents

Click on the New button. 

Give the document a name, upload your file and check the Portal checkbox. Click on the Upload button and the file will now be available on the Employer Portal.


Contacts that have been set for the Company will appear on this page. Usually contacts would be other employees in the company that aren't training or the employer themselves.


Employees of the Company will be displayed on this page, you can go to their profile by clicking on the Eyeball icon next to their name.


When you hover over the Finance tile, you will have a choice of going to Invoices or Payments.

Invoices: Any invoices that have been charged to the company will appear here. These could be for enrolment fees or any other expenses for training. Clicking on the Eyeball icon will bring up the invoice details, the Card icon will bring up the payment gateway.

If you do not see the Card icon, you need to enable payments in the Employer Portal.

You can do this by going to Administration → Configuration → Preferences → Self-Service Portals.

Click on the Edit button then click on the Company tab. 

Scroll down until you see the Finance heading and check the Allow Payments box.

This will bring up a card icon against the any outstanding invoices in the portal and allow payments to be made.

Payments: This page will display any payments that have been made against invoices charged to the company. Click on the Eyeball icon to view any details for the payment.


If the Company has a file note assigned to it and that file note has the Show in Student Portal option enabled, it will appear on this page.


This page will give you an overview of enrolment stats that are tied to the company.

You might see some unrelated item stats such as Qualified Sales Consultant and Qualified Service Technician on this page. These can be ignored if you don’t need to make use of them. 

You can disable them by clicking on the Cog icon and switching Enrolments Summary (Custom) to off.


If you know how to use the Report Builder, custom reports can be created on this page. Hover over the Files icon and click on New Template.

You will be shown a bunch of fields to create a report with. 


Note: Only students that are Employees of the company will appear in these reports.


You can view the details for the company as they have been entered into the system.

 Additional Reading

Here is some additional information on enrolments and party profiles:

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