Process: Creating an Agent

An Agent represents an individual who is involved in the referral process for new learners. They may exist as a separate party that is invested in a students learning, or as part of a larger group that identifies prospective leads for training. They are often associated with an existing Company Record within your system.

In this article, we will go over the process of creating a new Agent Profile


Creating an Agent

There are unique methods to create an Agent, the simplest is to start by going to Community → Agents.

To add a new Agent, click the [+ New] button:

This will display the Agent Wizard.

Within the Agent Wizard, you will have options to assist with creating your Agent record:

Agent Records are based on Party Records. Because of this, you will have the option to either

  • New Party will prompt the creation of a New Party record, including the full process of data entry
  • Existing Party will allow you to search for an Existing Party record and only require the entry of Agent specific information for that party 

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While you can create a new Party Profile as part of Agent creation, we have a dedicated Help Resource for this process.

In this example we will make use of an Existing Party.

Start by selecting Existing Party, and searching for the record you wish to use:

Select Use this party to progress and enter additional Agent information.

Review the Admin section, making sure to set the Status to Active:


An Expiry Date can be set to create a date that indicates the end of a contracted period for this Agent.

With the Status flag activated, and Agent specific information entered, this Party Profile will now be recognised as an Agent for use in any Agent/Referral required processes within your system.

Agent Portal Access

You may wish for the Agent to have access to the Agent Portal for the sake of managing their students/referrals.

Within the Party Record for established agent, choose the Edit option to review/enter Login Credentials information.

Within the Login Credentials area, ensure that Agent Access is enabled, and review the access information within this area:

Providing an Activation Link to this person will then provide the ability to sign in to the Agent Portal for immediate use.

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