Process: Creating a New Party Profile

A Party Profile can be thought of as a representation of a person in your SMS (Student Management System). This person could be undergoing training, a trainer for a course, an administrator in the system, etc.

In this article, we will go over the process of creating a new Party Profile. 


Creating a Party Profile

There are multiple ways to create a party profile, one of the more straightforward ways is to go to Community → Add New Party.

This will bring you to a page where you can enter the details for the party profile. You have two options for entering the information into the party profile form:

  • Simple Form: This will display only the most important fields for the party profile (such as names, contact details, address details, etc). This form is ideal for quickly creating a new party profile then entering more of their details later.
  • Complete Form: This will display all available fields for the party profile. This form is best used for entering all necessary information for that person, especially if there are reporting requirements for their data.

For the purpose of this article, we will be using the Complete Form to create our new party profile.

Party Details

  1. Title: The title that the person goes by (Mr, Mrs, Ms, etc).
  2. First Name(s): The person’s given name(s), this is a mandatory field.
  3. Surname: The family name of the person.
  4. Middle Name(s): The person’s given middle name(s).
  5. Known As: Any other names that the person goes by (for example, nicknames can be placed in this field).
  6. Gender: The gender of the person.
  7. Party Identifier: A unique alphanumeric value that is assigned to the party. This field should be left alone, as one will automatically be assigned when the party is created.
  8. Profile Picture: You can upload a profile picture for the party. To do this, click on the Folder Icon and select an image from your computer.
  9. Nationality: The nationality of the person.
  10. Date of Birth: The birth date of the person.
  11. Tags: If you have any tags set up in your system, you can assign them to the party profile here.

Contact Details

  • Email: You can put the person’s email address into this field. If a person has multiple email addresses, you can add more by clicking on the Plus button and designating a type.
  • Phone: You can put the person’s phone number into this field. Much like email addresses, you can add more phone numbers by clicking on the Plus button and designating a type.

Address Details

  1. Location: The type of address (could be a home address, postal address, work address, etc.)
  2. Address: The address lookup marker.
    • You can click on Click here to search addresses to search for an address and automatically fill out the details.


      Using this option will remove most of the fields below and only display the search bar (as the address details will be automatically filled once an address is selected).
  3. Country: The country for the person’s address, this is a mandatory field.
  4. Building/prop. name: The name of the building or property that the person lives in.
  5. Unit/Flat Number: The number of the unit or flat for the person’s residence (e.g. Lot 23, 421, 84)
  6. Postal delivery box: The postal box for the residence (e.g. PO Box 627)
  7. Street/lot number: The street or lot number for the residence
  8. Street name: Name of the street for the residence.
  9. Street type: Type of street for the residence (e.g. Road, Lane, Street)
  10. Suburb: Suburb for the person’s residence, this is a mandatory field.
  11. Postcode: Postcode for the person’s residence, this is a mandatory field.
  12. State: State for the person’s residence, this is a mandatory field.

System Details

  • Properties: If you have any properties set up in your system, you can apply them to the party profile here.
  • Identification: If the person has any identification (such as a driver’s licence, passport, tax file number, etc), you can add them to this section of the profile.
  • Contact Method: This dropdown list lets you determine how this person prefers to be contacted. For example, SMS, Mobile, Email etc.
  • Do Not Market: When checked, the system will exclude this person’s record from the marketing reports in the Report Builder.
  • Exported: When checked, this person’s record will be marked when exported via a custom report.

Access Details


The Login Credentials panel will only appear in you have at least one Self-Service Portal enabled (Student Portal, Agent Portal, Employer Portal, etc). 

  • Student Access: Check this box if you would like to grant the person access to a Self-Service Portal.  
  • Login: The username that the person will use to log into the Self-Service Portal. This field can only be accessed if the Student Access box is ticked.
  • Password: If the student has been given access to a Self-Service Portal, they will receive a password reset email once their party profile has been created.
  • Last Login: This will show the approximate time that the person last logged into their account.
  • Lock Account: Checking this box will prevent the person from being able to log into the Self-Service Portal.


Extra fields may be present on the party page if you have certain features enabled.

 Additional Reading

Here is some additional information on party profiles:

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