Process: Creating a Credit Note and Refund for an Invoice

Credit Notes allow you to create credit towards the student for an invoiced amount. This is primarily used to create refunds. In this article, we will go over the process of creating a Credit Note and a Refund.


Creating the Credit Note

To create a Credit Note, go to the party profile for the person that has the invoice that you would like to create credit for.

Find the invoice under Finance → Invoices and click on the Options button next to it, click on Create Credit Note.

The process for creating a Credit Note is like creating an invoice, there are a few things that will be different though.

  • Credit Note Start Date and End Date: If the original invoice was for a Service, you can put the Start and End dates for the Service into these fields. 

All other fields are the same as the invoice ones, they can have information entered if desired.

Each line item will need to have an Amount entered to reflect how much the person is being credited for that line item.

Once you have entered the correct information, click on the Create button.

Issuing a Refund for a Payment

To issue a refund for an invoice. Go to the Payments page and click on the Options button for the payment that you would like to issue the refund for.

A menu should appear, click on the Refund option. 

This will bring up the page to create a Payment, the Type will automatically be set to Refund. 


If you have the Xero integration set up, you will need to select a Credit Note for the refund. Make sure that a Credit Note is attached to the invoice before you create the refund, this is not necessary if you do not use the Xero integration.

For each line item, enter the Amount that you would like to refund. The Amounts must be negative values and the system will automatically convert the Amounts to negative if they aren’t already.

Once you have entered all the Amounts for each line item to refund, click on the Create button.

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