Process: Adding a Staff Profile

The Staff section is where you create and view available Staff records, including: Academics, Assessors, and Coordinators. In this article, we will go over the process of creating a Staff profile.

We recommend setting up your Staff record prior to creating Course Enrolments. This is so that they populate in the drop-down list of available staff when you are enrolling a student into a course and linking them to their respective Course/Unit offers.



Staff Profiles can be set against Party profiles or User profiles. During the set up, the system will prompt you to create a new Staff record from an existing Profile of the system or create a new Party record.

  • Adding a Staff profile against an existing party record will not automatically allow them to log in as User and perform actions against students and courses. This is more for internal record keeping purposes and the system will only recognise them internally by their set Staff type.
  • Adding a Staff profile against an existing User will allow the User of the system to log in as it's set Staff type and perform actions against students and courses.
  • If you would like for the new Staff record to have user access, follow the steps in the article on how to Add a User Profile.

Setting Up Your Reference Data

Before creating a Staff record, ensure the following reference data is set up so that they can be available to select during the Staff creation process. Reference Data can be accessed via Administration Lookups Reference Data.

  • Job Title - Staff can have titles set against them for internal record keeping purposes. 
  • Staff Types - An internal identifier that can be set against Staff record for internal record keeping purposes. 
  • Employment Basis - Select the Staff employment for record keeping purposes. 
  • Staff Status - This is for record keeping proposes. Use this to identify the status of the staff profile.


Add a Staff profile to a Party Profile

  • Go to CommunityStaffList all.
  • Click the New button.
  • There are two options available to you for adding a Staff profile.
    • Search for an existing party profile by entering their name and click search. Select the party record from the list and the system will progress to the Staff Profile details
    • You can also create a new party profile by clicking on the Create New button and entering the required details.
  • Once the party profile has been selected or created, enter the relevant details in the Staff Profile section
    1. Job Title - Selects the Job Title for the Staff member.
    2. Staff Type - Selects the Staff Type for the Staff member.
    3. Employment Basis - Sets the Employment Basis for the Staff member. 
    4. Enabled - This ensures that the Staff profile is active against the party record.
    5. Internal ID - A unique identifier for the Staff member can be entered here. 
    6. Staff Status - This is for record keeping proposes. Use this to identify the status of the staff profile.
    7. Roles - Assign a role against the Staff profile. This will allow the Staff to be able to be selected against Programs, Courses, and Students.
    8. Conference Link - If the Staff member uses video conference software such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, their unique link can be entered here. 
    9. Provider - Displays the provider that the Staff profile was created under. 
  • Click Next to review the Staff Profile and Confirm to create the Staff Profile.

You have now added a Staff profile against a party. 

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